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Arrogance of Talent Supply Threatens To Continue Resume Black Hole

Job candidates are uniting and are demanding to be heard.  Employers should take heed. And what are they demanding? They are demanding to be treated with a degree of graciousness, that they be communicated with and told if they are qualified for the position applied for or not. They are tired of sending their resumes into the corporate ‘black hole’!

In our book ‘Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business’, Rusty Rueff and I noted how companies over the past 30 years had become accustomed to an ‘Arrogance of Supply’ which resulted in hiring processes and practices that were not gracious to rejected candidates. Our hiring process took a turn for the better during the Internet bubble when competition for talent was high and dollars flowed, alas when the market turned and unemployment moved to 10 % employers were forced to save dollars and stopped hiring. And, worse, thanks to the Internet the flow of talent has increased, and companies are not motivated nor do they have the processes or systems in place to respond and in turn the talent cauldron of frustration is beginning to boil.

But, why should companies care about fixing the resume black hole?

  • Every visitor to your careers page on your Web site is a market customer or influencer…their experience with your brand matters and the ROI can be huge
  • Treating people with graciousness is just the right thing to do – where I come from we call it manners

What can companies do to fix this issue?

  • Audit current practices
  • Interview 25 rejected candidates and survey their experience
  • Invest in a consultant to put a process in place with measurable ROI
  • Invest in processes, systems and practices to accomplish (companies will be surprised at how affordable this can be)

What will the payoff be for time spent on overhauling the resume submission process?

  • Companies who treat talent well today can establish a brand and following that will be remembered for years
  • Resulting in top quality talent flow and business opportunities

Are you looking for a job and are tired of the black hole but don’t know what to do about it? Send this blog post along to the CEO and VP of HR of the company hiring…likely won’t land you an interview but may get the company started down the right path.