AstraZeneca: Life Inside A Takeover Target, According to UK Employees

handshakePfizer and AstraZeneca have been in the news constantly for the past few weeks due to Pfizer’s proposed takeover of AstraZeneca. There have been reports that such a deal would result in job cuts and a reduction in R&D expenditure, with bosses from both firms subjected to a grilling by MPs. Pfizer is the larger firm and AstraZeneca has rejected the bids on the basis that it is being undervalued. As the ‘target’, such a high profile potential takeover would clearly have an impact on AstraZeneca employees, but right now, what do they really have to say about working there? We analysed company reviews shared by employees in the UK to find out.

AstraZeneca has an overall company rating of 3.2 (OK) among employees in the UK (based on at least 30 company reviews, as of 16/05/14. Company ratings based on a 5-point scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied). When we look at various workplace factor ratings for AstraZeneca, UK employees rate their work/life balance highest with a 3.8 rating, while they rate their senior management lowest with a 2.5, among these factors. 55% of UK employees would also recommend the company to a friend, while employees give CEO Pascal Soriot an 80% approval rating when it comes to how he is leading the company (based on at least 15 CEO approval ratings).

Here’s the detailed breakdown of how UK employees rate the company:astrazeneca

Digging deep into specific reviews shared by employees, we start to notice themes of what’s working well (pros) and what needs improvement (cons) within AstraZeneca:


“Flexible working conditions; good flexible benefits package.” – AstraZeneca IT Service Manager (Macclesfield)

“The company has a great loyal work force despite the constant change.” – AstraZeneca Scientist (Macclesfield)

“Good values; great career prospects.” – AstraZeneca Team Leader (Macclesfield)


“The company let far too many people leave on voluntary redundancy and have been paying the price for it.” – AstraZeneca Production Manager (Manchester)

“High level miss-management of the company following the merger.” – AstraZeneca Senior Scientist (Nether Alderley, Cheshire)

“A company amongst the midst of massive changes worldwide. Feathers are ruffled, people are unhappy.” – AstraZeneca Employee (London)

It will be interesting to see how employee sentiment at AstraZeneca may change if the proposed takeover does take place.

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