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Know Your Audience

Many times we walk into meetings or interviews with a preconceived notion of the agenda and outcome. And many times our perceptions are wrong which leads to disappointment and frustration. For intercompany meetings it is imperative the agenda and outcome desired is clear and the responsibility rests on the meeting organizer, however it is up to participants to ask the purpose and planned outcome, to agree and to work diligently to accomplish by adding appropriate value.

Interviews are a bit different. As the candidate we know the outcome, you will review my background, interview me and hire me, period. Interviews don’t always work out that way. It is imperative we prepare and align our interview with the outcome the company seeks. They wish to fill the position with the best talent available. Our personality and optimistic outlook make a difference and may suffice but insuring the skills are available is very important.

  • Highlight the skills sought in the job description and align your experiences with those needs.
  • Write out positive and negative experiences in these areas preparing yourself for all behavioral interview questions bound to come your way.
  • Follow the advice of the other bloggers here and prepare to tell your story…why you have done what you’ve done and why you are interested in pursuing this opportunity.
  • Practice interview all the above with a trusted, objective friend. And be prepared to listen to their feedback, take heed and make adjustments where necessary

Preparation in all endeavors is important, sometimes preparing for an interview is hard because we don’t know all the information from the company side. Learn what you can, apply accordingly and give the best interview you can.