August's Review of the Month

We’re proud to announce this month’s review comes from a Hewlett Packard employee who works out of the Boise, Idaho office. As we took a look through our most recent reviews voted helpful by our community, this one caught our eye…not because it was filled with glowing praise for Hewlett Packard, but because it presented a real inside look with a balanced and constructive tone — the good, the bad along with some direct advice to senior management.

The good.
“Most employees are of the highest caliber – intelligent, experienced, respectful, interesting and interested.”

“The opportunity to have flexible work options provides more choices to fit your lifestyle (telecommuting, job sharing, flex time, etc.)”

The not so good.
“The short-term cost controls may drive the stock price up and put Mark Hurd on the cover of BusinessWeek but are definitely putting the company’s mid-to-long term innovation and growth at risk.”

“Employee morale is at an all-time low. Senior management decisions appear to be based solely on internal politics and expense reduction without any clearly defined, customer winning strategies. The customer-focused, solution-centric, people-powered environment this great company was originally built upon (the formidable HP Way) is gone.”

Their advice to management.
“Talk to employees and listen to what they have to say. Address the issues. This is the last of the great regimes, I think.”

Although this is only one perspective from a big company that operates in 170 countries, we think this is exactly the type of review that can offer valuable insights and perspectives to all those that are considering a job or just looking to get a better understanding of the company. And if you read some of the other reviews, you’ll see that similar undercurrents – I know I would have a few questions to ask if I was interviewing with Hewlett-Packard.

As with our other ‘Review of the Month Winners‘, this employee will receive $500 for taking the time to offer a thoughtful inside look to the community. So keep those reviews coming, we’re already on the look-out for next month’s winner.

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