You're Fired!

Make Millions, Get Fired!

While it remains to be seen whether or not the bailout bill will curb top executive salaries and payouts, the topic of CEO com...


Glassdoor Takes Its Own Medicine

We spend a lot of time here at Glassdoor thinking about transparency – how do we use it to help everyone make better car...

Yahoo! - Ménage à Mess

Yahoo! – Ménage à Mess

Rumors are swirling around Yahoo! - is it going to be an AOL merger or a Microsoft buyout? It’s not surprising – rumors and s... Office in Seattle

Better Late Than Never – September’s Review of the Month Winner

We’ve been very busy at Glassdoor. Between adding new features, updating our CEO watch list, and reaching a Glassdoor milestone...


Glassdoor Breaks 100K and Keeps Getting Better

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a product update (we’ve been caught up blogging about some of the economic news), but this...

John Donahoe / CEO of eBay

eBay Layoffs – Will Donahoe Be Next?

So the economy is tanking and there’s no shortage of bad news out there, but for today we thought we’d take a break from talki...

AIG - An Inside Look

AIG – An Inside Look

With everything that’s happening in the world of financial services, it’s becoming hard for us at Glassdoor to sit on the side...


Life Imitates Art? Office Depot, Staples and Dunder Mifflin

“What happens to a company if somebody takes a boss away? I will answer your question with a question. It’s like what happens ...

WaMu CEO Bites the Dust - Who’s Next?

WaMu CEO Bites the Dust – Who’s Next?

Last month, we posted on the CEOs with the lowest approval ratings following oustings of the CEOs of Alcatel-Lucent and AMD. Recen...

August's Review of the Month

August’s Review of the Month

We’re proud to announce this month’s review comes from a Hewlett Packard employee who works out of the Boise, Idaho office. A...