Is Your Barista’s Pay Growing Faster Than Yours?

When you think of the jobs with the fastest-growing salaries, you might think of highly specialized, in-demand, technical positions like Software Engineer or Data Scientist. But what if I told you that one of the folks with the most rapidly increasing pay was the person who makes your morning latte? That’s right — of all the job titles studied in our June Local Pay Reports, Baristas have the second-fastest growing paychecks, increasing at a rate of 7.7 percent year-over-year (second only to Recruiters, whose pay has seen an 8.4 percent year-over-year increase).

Why exactly is this? “It is likely that recent minimum wage hikes in cities and states across the country have contributed to the growth our reports show for these jobs,” explains Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain — and that means larger overall percentage increases for titles like Barista and Restaurant Cook.

Check out the rest of the top ten jobs with the fastest pay growth below. Don’t see yours on the list? Visit the full June Local Pay Reports to see the median base pay and year-over-year salary growth for nearly 85 different job titles.

Job Title Median Base Pay YoY % Change
Recruiter $51,585 8.4%
Barista $24,593 7.7%
Restaurant Cook $29,025 7.2%
Claims Adjuster $51,320 6.6%
Customer Service Manager $54,054 6.4%
Bank Teller $28,870 6.2%
Warehouse Associate $41,442 4.9%
Maintenance Worker $44,018 4.8%
Pharmacy Technician $30,696 4.5%
Delivery Driver $38,660 4.3%

But regardless of whether you’re a Barista, Pharmacy Technician, Customer Service Manager, or even CEO, everyone deserves to be paid fairly. To make sure you’re earning what you should, use Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth™ to get a free, personalized salary estimate. Once you know the market value of your skills, you’ll have a strong data point to approach your manager or HR with during salary negotiations. Who knows? It might just get you one step closer to that raise you’ve been hoping for.