Be All That You Can Be

I just received a very official-looking envelope from the Department of the Army, 101 Army Pentagon, Washington DC. I have to say that I’ve received many letters in my life, but never from the Pentagon. I looked at AJ sideways and wondered aloud if I missed an announcement re-instating the draft. Then I remembered I’m way too old to get drafted. So I opened the letter.

It was a thank you letter. From the army. I had almost forgotten, they were voted #43 on our Employees’ Choice Best Places to Work list. I remember being extremely impressed and this letter reminded me why:
Army Letter

As I scan through the more than 86 reviews from army personnel on Glassdoor, the statement ‘Our Soldiers, Civilians, and Families make great sacrifices to serve our Nation and defend our freedom’  comes to life for me. The reviews range from Special Forces Seargent to Army Captain to Security Manager and everything in between. The reviews remind me that these folks have given their everything for us, putting themselves into harm’s way and suffering separation from their loved ones on 18-month rotating deployments.  One Army Officer wrote about these downsides:

‘bullets, bombs, mortars, people who want to kill you. I’ve seen the inside of helicopters, airplanes, and boats. I’ve been shot at, blown up, spit at, rocks thrown at, yelled at, flipped off, and more. One time, at band camp, a mortar round landed in a building we were having a cookout in. It was really loud. You also spend a lot of time away from family and friends. I left for Iraq when my daughter was 7 weeks old and returned when she was 18 months. Our brigade was extended past 12 months, at the very last week of our 12 month tour. Kind of sucked.’

But this same Officer rated the army 4.0 out of 5.0 – when it is all said and done, soldiers love the U.S. Army. And if you keep reading the reviews, it’s because they love this country.

I feel bad getting a thank you letter from the army. I’m the one that should be sending a thank you.  No matter what you think about the wars that our country is in right now, these men and women are something special.

Congratulations to the Soldiers, Civilians and Families making up the United States Army, Glassdoor’s #43 Best Place to Work.