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Behind The Scenes of the Glassdoor Brand Refresh

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

April 25, 2017

Refreshing a Job Seeker’s Favorite Job Site

Today, millions of people across the globe will grab their smartphones or log onto their laptops and say, “Something looks different.” The app that job seekers have come to rely on to research potential companies, learn about their market worth and search for jobs has undergone a makeover. Instead of top employers highlighted on the homepage, users will see a more human and authentic Glassdoor presence, marked by a renewed brand promise: Find the job that fits your life. Blue call-to-action buttons are now a vibrant green, product images are inviting and clear. Modern, purposeful and engaging — step inside the new Glassdoor.

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Trip Down Memory Lane

In 2007, Robert Hohman founded Glassdoor in an old guitar manufacturing warehouse, along with two of his former colleagues from Expedia, Tim Besse and Rich Barton. Since then, Glassdoor has had more than a few logos, each aiming to convey the importance of transparency — to do away with the shroud of secrecy around salary and company information. However, when we asked users what they thought about our logo, opinions were mixed and interpretations were even more varied.



“For people who are passionately connected to the Glassdoor brand, especially those who've played a significant role in building it from the ground it, it's a highly personal thing. The logo, the colors, the font, the voice - all of it holds a place in people's hearts,” said Alison Hadden, Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Product Marketing. In order to modernize,“what we had to do was drive home the fact that in order for us to become a powerful global brand, we needed to rally behind one consistent brand identity - both visually and from a voice and tone perspective.”

Opening the Door

After going through hundreds of sketches of doors and analyzing the entire site, the Glassdoor’s design team along with agency Nelson Cash reimagined the nearly 9 year old mark. The new logo is a modern take on the company’s original open door frame, intended to evoke “looking inside” a company, and the new design also easily “frames” text or images.

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More Than A Logo

“One of the most important things a company can do as part of its brand building effort is to be clear on its visual identity, voice and positioning.  Glassdoor has built incredible equity with job seekers and employers over the years, but I feel like our logo, colors and fonts needed updating as we move to really get our brand in front of people this year,” said Glassdoor CMO Moody Glasgow. Adds Creative Director Marisa Lehnert, “We’re heading into the future.”


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Over the course of nearly a year and hundreds of hours, teams from Brand to UX design to product, B2B marketing to HR collaborated on the biggest and only refresh in the company’s history.“In terms of the scale of this endeavor, the magnitude overwhelmed us at times,” admits Neil Campbell, Director of User Experience. “One of the biggest wins for the product design piece of this was when we moved from just simply wanting to change our physical logo to crafting a new experience for our users. Once we started to move into that phase, there were a ton of opportunities.” 

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Who We Are & What We Stand For

“For nearly a decade, Glassdoor has been bringing greater transparency to jobs and companies across the globe. With our refreshed brand and website, we aim to better connect with our audience so that in turn people can better connect to a job that fits their life,” said Glasgow. More than ever, Glassdoor is a job site uniquely powered by people on the inside, offering valuable information critical to the job search. We exist to empower you, the user.

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From Designers to Developers

What began as a design refresh, soon required the power of Glassdoor’s unique engineering department to bring the vision to life. "A strong partnership between our creative design and product design teams helped us develop a vision for our new design system and library, which our rock star team of engineers helped inject into our product functionality," said Glassdoor's Chief Product Officer Heather Friedland. "From home page, to job search, to our company pages, to the data and analytics dashboards, and emails, and everything in between, we debated, discussed, and developed a new visual language for our product."

Developers began an intensive process of upleveling everything from Glassdoor’s homepage to the job search pages and blogs. In addition to new fonts and colors, users will notice legibility improvements, cleaner interfaces and enhanced focus on core products.“Never underestimate the power and the passion of our teams to do excellent work when they’re drawn to the charge of doing so,” said Campbell. “We all worked incredibly hard in a short amount of time to bring this to life.”

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Inside the Product

As a company, we’re always looking at ways to provide an engaging experience for job seekers, employees and employers. All pages on Glassdoor are part of the brand refresh, so users will see our updated look and feel across Glassdoor, including on Glassdoor for Employers and in the Employer Center. However, our brand refresh does not change any ratings, reviews, data or functionality that users have come to depend on.

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Creating A Roadmap to the Future

Glassdoor’s refresh isn’t a gimmick, it’s a game plan.“For many, searching for a job can be an overwhelming experience,” noted Hadden. “As we move into the future, Glassdoor has a unique opportunity in this space to be seen as a brand that's like a helpful friend that shepherds people through that process - informative and approachable, authentic and trusted, friendly and relatable.” From the new Glassdoor green to the brand attributes and positioning, Glassdoor is paving a road towards the future and it’s full of jobs!

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