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9 Unbelievable Benefits That Experian Offers

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July 3, 2018

Looking at a company's lackluster employee benefits can make any employee want to move to Denmark. But what if a company acknowledged your health and financial needs without you having to move to another country? Consumer credit agency Experian recognizes the value of happy employees — the company stated, “Our employees help make the company a success. We share that success by offering a competitive and flexible total rewards package.” Check out nine incredible benefits workers receive at Experian:

1. Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

Experian makes sure your health coverage fits both your well-being and your wallet. Multiple medical plans are available for employees to choose from, including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. Coverage extends to spouses and dependents, so your family can also stay happy and healthy.

One employee raves, "Experian offers a great benefits package, including the standards of Heath, Vision and Dental. They also offer a generous flexible time off benefit, as well as maternity and paternity leave."

2. Spending and Savings Accounts

Taxes, sashay away. Employees can open tax-free health savings accounts to save up for health-related costs, and Experian will provide up to $600 for individual coverage and $1200 for family coverage. Health care and dependent day care flexible spending accounts are also available, which allow workers to pay for out of pocket medical expenses and child or elder care with pre-tax income.


3. HealthMatters Wellness Program

An office job can get you fit? Experian encourages everyday ways of being healthy, and we’re talking more than just carrot sticks in the staff fridge and walks during lunch break. Employees earn $20 wellness credits every pay period and can be reimbursed up to $150 for health and fitness activities. The company holds wellness events on-site and hosts challenges for employees to work on their well-being together. And with a company Fitbit discount, you know Experian employees are getting their 10,000 steps.

4. Telemedicine

When you’re feeling under the weather, it’s difficult to find time between work and other responsibilities to visit the doctor. Telemedicine saves you from getting sicker with worry by offering 24/7 access to a physician to address medical needs and even write prescriptions. Employees can also receive consultations via webcam, phone, or email

5. 401(k) Plan

Experian is making it rain - into your 401k! The company will match employee savings $1 to $1 up to 4 percent. To translate that into real language - if you make $60,000 and put 4 percent towards your 401k, Experian will contribute $2,400 towards your savings. You're one step closer to being a 401k millionaire!

6. Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Buying stock may seem intimidating, but if you work for a company you believe in, why not invest in it? Experian employees can purchase stock at a 15 percent discount. Live out the Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf on Wall Street fantasies you've always secretly had.

7. Life & AD&D Insurance

Life and AD&D Insurance is something you don’t want to think about, which means you probably should think about it. Experian makes it simpler for employees by offering life and AD&D insurance of one times their salaries for no extra cost. Employees can purchase supplemental insurance for up to six times their salary, and enroll dependents.

8. Disability

Taking care of yourself should never mean risking your financial security. Experian ensures employees on disability are covered with 26 weeks of fully paid leave. If an employee takes long-term leave, they can receive up to 60 percent of their salary. 

9. Parental Leave

Experian employees can sidestep work worries when they start a family. Birth mothers can take up to 14 weeks of paid leave, while birth fathers and couples who are adopting children can take up to six weeks of paid leave. The only thing you’ll need to do for the office is send in cute baby pics.

So now that we’ve determined Experian is the Oprah of employee benefits (You get health insurance! You get health insurance!), check out their available job listings. See where Experian is hiring here.


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