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7 Cool Tools That Will Revolutionize How You Get A Job

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

Last Updated August 18, 2016

So you’ve browsed the Glassdoor job site—well, at least a portion of the millions of jobs on the site—and you’ve found a few that pique your interest. Now it’s just a matter of filling out the application and clicking ‘submit’ then the job is yours, right? Not so much.

There are new and exciting ways to make sure that you stand out as a job candidate and innovative tools that’ll make help you land your dream job. Step up the style and go high tech with these 7 must-try tools:

1. Creative resume templates
Ditch the old, tired resume template and opt for something that really shows your personality. Especially for those in creative jobs, Etsy offers a wide variety of pay-to-download resume templates for you to reinvigorate your job search. Financial firms and traditional professions may not want the flare, so be sure to abide by industry standards.
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2. Matching business cards, stationary & resume
Make a splash with your professional branding by establishing a strong visual theme. Microsoft and design company MOO have teamed up with career expert Maxie McCoy to offer show-stopping business card templates that correspond with your resume and cover letter. No more boring white and black for you.
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3. Share files during a Skype interview
Video interviews are fast becoming a necessary evil in the job search. Stay organized and be able to deliver when an interviewer asks for a copy of your resume with Skype’s latest update. With Skype, it’s easy to share a file with a simple drag and drop into the chat window. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with screen sharing before your big call.
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4. Professional wardrobe overhaul
Avoid the dreaded 'What do I wear to my upcoming interview' dilemma by outsourcing the problem. Trunk Club was started to provide job seekers —and other stylish folks—great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go shopping. It’s perfect for getting geared-up for a new job.

Explore: Trunk Club

5. The new age thank-you note
Experts say that sending a thank-you note to follow up after an interview is a must-do. But these days, penmanship isn’t what it used to be. Not to mention, you can’t remember the last time you bought a book of stamps. Not to worry. Send an elegant handwritten notecard via Bond. Starting at just $2.99, you can select one of five handwriting styles and craft a polished note to be delivered to the recipient in a suitably classy envelope.
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6. Occupation- and location-specific salary reports
Ever wonder how much teachers make in Chicago? Wonder no more. Glassdoor’s salary reporting tool allows job seekers to choose a job title and see what salary employees earn in a particular area. For Chicago, Glassdoor's salary data is based on 121,368 reports of salaries, bonuses, wages, and hourly pay, submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by employees in Chicago, IL. So if you’re looking for your next gig in Chicago, you’ve got plenty of research to help you negotiate your compensation package.

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7. Sign and scan documents to the go
Why does it seem like when a recruiter or hiring manager asks you to fill out and scan back hiring documents you’re always out with friends and away from your computer, let alone a fax/scanner. Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket. Quickly scan your documents on the go and export them as JPEG or multi-page PDF files. Simply snap a picture with your iPhone, the app transforms it into a clean scanned doc, and sends it in minutes.

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