Best Jobs for Introverts

Let’s face it — many occupations rely on extroverted traits for success. For introverted job seekers, this can make finding the right position intimidating. If you are aiming for work that fits best with your life, then you want to look for a position that allows for your professional abilities to shine without being hindered by external stressors in the workplace. Luckily, just as there are jobs that reward outgoing employees, there are also opportunities that are best for those who prefer not to be the social butterfly of the office. Occupations such as park ranger, truck driver and software engineer allow for uninterrupted periods of focus and solitude where introverts can thrive, yet still have opportunities for socializing with clients and coworkers. Check out the best jobs for introverts below!

Best Jobs for Introverts

1. Wildlife Biologist

Average Base Pay: $49,021/yr

Hanging out with the animal kingdom may be more attractive to some than the chit-chat around the water cooler during a work break. As observers of animals in their natural habitats, wildlife biologists have the opportunity to conduct their daily work among their research focus. Being in the field also involves plenty of time outdoors, as opposed to being trapped in the social environment of the office.

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2. Software Engineer

Average Base Pay: $103,035/yr

The individual nature of software engineering is perfect for introverts who prefer projects that prioritize solo work. The flexible culture of many tech companies also means workers can sometimes alternate between days in the office and working from home or other places where they feel at ease.

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3. Mechanic

Average Base Pay: $41,516/yr

Working as a mechanic and in other trade occupations (welding, machining, etc) provides ample time for independent work, allowing you to focus deeply on the task at hand. Depending on your workplace, introverts also can look forward to minimal distraction from customers and chit-chat with coworkers.

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4. Conservator

Average Base Pay According to BLS: $46,870/yr

As a preserver of ancient and precious artifacts, a conservator’s focus is often on the objects they work with, not their coworkers. More withdrawn individuals may find relief from typical work environments that reward extroversion in the secluded setting of conservation, which encourages calm and focus.

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5. Content Writer

Average Base Pay: $48,729/yr

Web content writers and freelancers are in demand, and many of these opportunities allow for employees to be partially and fully remote. Even if you do end up in an office space, the emphasis on individual work allows for plenty of solitary time.

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6. Truck Driver

Average Base Pay: $43,464/yr

Lots of time on the open road may be a paradise for introverts. For those individualistic workers who can hold themselves accountable for their own work schedule and prefer long stretches of time alone are in luck: truck driver is one of the most in-demand positions in today’s job market.

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7. Medical Coder

Average Base Pay: $36,698/yr

If you’re interested in medical work but intimidated by the heavy social element of jobs like nurse or administrator, medical coding may be a suitable alternative. By translating doctors’ notes and recommendations into code, medical coders take on an important role in patient care without the demand for constant interaction.

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8. Graphic Designer

Average Base Pay: $48,561/yr

Graphic design is a perfect opportunity for self-reliant artists to release their independent creativity. Remote opportunities for graphic design are also some of the fastest-growing of any job position.

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9. Park Ranger

Average Base Pay: $30,736/yr

Prefer the calm of the great outdoors to the distractions of a too-cramped office? In their position, park rangers can find the solace and open space to pursue their passion for nature. Rangers have opportunities for social interaction through visitor education and assistance, along with the chance to take a breather in the natural environment.

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