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The best professional platforms for every mood

Posted by Glassdoor Team

Career Advice Experts

Last Updated Aug 31, 2023
|5 min read

How many moods do you cycle through during the workday? You just got praised for your Ted-talk-worthy presentation skills, and you’re on a high. Then, you spill your coffee and swing low. It would be nice if you could put a lid on your flighty feelings and buckle down in spite of them, but you can’t. Your moods inevitably have a big impact on your perceptions, your interactions, and even your level of focus. 

When it comes to the next step in your career, making moves when you’re “in a mood” could lead to anything from rage-posting on LinkedIn to hastily firing off a job application without thought. Unfortunately, you can’t always wait for your frame of mind to change when you’re eager to jumpstart your career or job search. But you can try to match your emotions to your actions as best as you can — or at least pick the right platform to let them all out. 

For inspiration, here’s a guide on what professional channel or task to turn to when you’re feeling a certain type of way. Because you can at least control how you channel your energy. 

Your mood: Ready to connect, mingle, or share some good news
Turn to: LinkedIn

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there are always times when you feel a little more like breaking out of your shell.

When you’re feeling particularly friendly and open, turn to LinkedIn to send some personalized connection requests, write a few direct messages to set up informational interviews, interact with relevant content, and build your network. You can also use this platform to brag a bit about your new role or that big project your team worked on. 

Your mood: The jitters right before an interview
Turn to: Glassdoor Bowls

You might feel completely oblivious to what questions might be asked in next week’s second-round interview. Or, you’re curious about how the company typically responds to salary negotiation. You need some personalized career advice, but you don’t want to vent or voice your concerns in a forum that’s attached to your name and photo. 

Glassdoor bowls are the best places to turn for anonymous workplace conversations with people who work at companies on your shortlist. You can get the inside scoop and find a supportive community without needing to air it all out on social media. Forge even deeper bonds and get immediate support by using Fishbowl Live to connect with experts through real-time audio conversations.

Your mood: Feeling a little sleuth-y
Turn to: Glassdoor

When you’re looking for a new role, you may have a lot of questions, like “What do people really think about leadership at that company?” Or, “Is the culture really worth all of the hype?”

You want real answers you can trust before you sink time and energy into the application and hiring process. Glassdoor gives you a much-needed behind-the-scenes peek into the companies you’re interested in, including company reviews and salary information from real employees. Pair that research with Glassdoor bowls and you’ll have a much more complete picture of the real vibe of a company. 

So when you’re feeling a little nosy about an employer, you can rely on knowledge — not assumptions.

Your mood: Yearning for interview stories with a side of belly laughs
Turn to: TikTok

Whether you’re exasperated with rejections and ghosting in your job search, or you just need somebody who can relate to the trials and tribulations of the interview process, TikTok can be a great place to go.

Use the search bar to look for career dos and don’ts, interview tips and fails, or anything else you need. And if you simply need a laugh, you can also find plenty of accounts (like CorporateNatalie as one example) that poke fun at the good, bad, and ugly of our careers. 

Your mood: Wanting to lend a (virtual) hand
Turn to: Glassdoor, Reddit, Quora, or Glassdoor Bowls

Maybe you’re not the one in need of workplace advice and encouragement right now — but you’ve learned a lot and are in the mood to pay it forward. 

Sharing your hard-won knowledge is one of the best ways to do that. Leave a thoughtful Glassdoor review, comment in a Glassdoor Bowl, or respond to career questions on forums like Quora and Reddit. You can help other people while building your network and bolstering your expertise.

Your mood: In the zone
Turn to: Sprucing up your professional profiles

You know the times — when you’re zoned in, hyper-focused, and ready to tackle any challenge. That’s exactly when you want to turn your attention to your e-portfolio or LinkedIn profiles. (Maybe even your resume, cover letter, or job applications, too.)

That level of attention and energy puts you in the best position to highlight your skills, call attention to your achievements, and present yourself as the right fit for the jobs you’re interested in. Plus, working on your elevator pitch when you feel you’re most attentive will make the process seem like way less of a slog.

Matching your career moves to your mood

Moods can change like phases of the moon. One day (or even moment) you're optimistic and motivated, and the next you’re dragging and bored. 

Your emotions and moods themselves are hard to control. While you may not be able to actively manage the way you feel, you can try to be as strategic as possible about what you do until the next wave comes. Use this guide to determine where to channel your energy, and you’ll make your moves when the vibes are right. 

In the mood for transparent conversations that move your career forward? Try Glassdoor Bowls today.