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The 11 Best Resume-Building Jobs to Grow Your Career

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated July 19, 2017

When it comes to boosting your resume, not all jobs are created equal. For some positions, the knowledge, experience, and skills you gain throughout your tenure can greatly increase your marketability and set you on the path towards future success. And the great thing is, the experience gained from those positions can be applied to a whole range of different careers — so if you choose, you can enter a completely different department or industry than the one you were in before and still have an advantage. To find out what some of those resume boosters are, we reached out to a number of career experts to find out what job titles they most like to see in candidates’ work histories. Here are 11 that they said stood out in particular — take a look, and apply below! 1. Consultant Number of Open Jobs: 181,991 Median Salary: $92,564 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “As a consultant you'll quickly gain exposure to a variety of topics, leaders and teams. Your goal as a consultant is to assess a situation, create a recommendation and then coach a person, team or company to reach a target. Consultants are typically able to do things like present in front of large groups, pull together a PowerPoint presentation or analyze an Excel file. It may require working with different companies, different industries or even different countries, so a year as a consultant can easily be comparable to several years worth of experience in a different role.” — Mary Grace Gardner, career strategist at The Young Professionista 2. Project Manager Number of Open Jobs: 147,052 Median Salary: $91,440 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “Successful project managers are adept at managing budgets, timelines and client expectations. Great project managers know how to make both internal and external clients feel like royalty and deal with their sometimes unreasonable requests with aplomb. In my many years in commercial real estate, the project managers I worked with could take an empty dirt lot and turn it into a million-square-foot factory or a hospital or a school by knowing every step of the process and marshaling enormous numbers of sources, resources, vendors, contractors, sub-contractors and clients. The wide range of skills that you can learn by starting out in any field as a Project Coordinator and working your way up to actually managing projects is staggering.” —Jill Santopietro Panall, HR consultant and owner of 21Oak HR Consulting, LLC 3. Business Analyst Number of Open Jobs: 142,115 Median Salary: $65,973 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “Data equals power, and hiring managers always appreciate a candidate who knows their way around data. Being able to translate numbers, graphs and charts into something easily understandable is a valuable skill for any company. Analytic skills instantly make a candidate more credible if they know how to leverage it.” —Gardner 4. Administrative Assistant Number of Open Jobs: 27,899 Median Salary: $33,020 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “When people hear the job 'administrative assistant,' they may envision a smiling face greeting customers, scheduling appointments and answering phone calls. While that may be included as part of the job, administrative assistant roles are powerful. If you are able to nab an administrative assistant role in your field of interest, it may be a great segue into the job you want in the future. Administrative assistants get an inside view into a leader's job — they learn exactly where time is spent, what initiatives are important and who is who. Assistants oftentimes get delegated parts of their boss's job, so you'll get to have first-hand experience that may stretch your skills.” —Gardner 5. Customer Service Manager Number of Open Jobs: 122,020 Median Salary: $36,152 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “In a world that is becoming more and more customer-centric, the ability to delight customers is important to all companies. If you have experience as a 'Service Manager,' 'Customer Acquisition Leader' or 'Client Relations Director' on your resume, you likely know how to provide good customer service, diffuse tense customer situations and develop plans to reach service goals.” —Gardner 6. Strategy Manager Number of Open Jobs: 91,276 Median Salary: $126,554 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “Titles like 'Strategy Manager,' 'Strategy Consultant' or 'Director of Corporate Strategy' not only sound impressive, but also point to a candidate's ability to see the big picture. Hiring managers value an employee who can understand the company's vision while designing concrete steps to reach a desired result.” — Gardner 7. Software Engineer Number of Open Jobs: 243,129 Median Salary: $95,195 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “Software/tech/IT/mobile internet/data processing fields are only going to continue to grow and expand with our unstoppable need to be more connected and the transition to more and more things online.” —Valerie Streif, Senior Adviser at Mentat 8. Financial Analyst Number of Open Jobs: 105,618 Median Salary: $63,000 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “When it comes to job search for a position on Wall Street's buy side with a hedge fund or private equity or venture capital firm, completing a two-year analyst program at an investment bank is virtually mandatory… Although there are always exceptions to the rule, most of these firms will only consider candidates who have been vetted through a rigorous investment banking program and who have already developed strong skills as spreadsheet jockeys. The expectation is that candidates who have been trained as analysts will be able to hit the ground running, require virtually no training, and be able to contribute immediately. Equally important, they will have been exposed to the right corporate culture and to senior execs.” —Roy Cohen, career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide 9. Account Executive Number of Open Jobs: 49,844 Median Salary: $56,000 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “The best resume-building jobs are ones that are customer-centric and focus on building solid relationships with leadership value as those are finite skills that can transcend various industries and roles.Relationship building and team leadership are core competencies that will be necessary for subsequent roles… They allow a candidate to position these experiences into wide arenas and broad-based roles down the road. I often recommend these positions for entry-level candidates who are still unsure of what they want to do long-term but are looking to grow their experience and build their resume.” —Wendi Weiner, resume writer & career transition coach 10. HR Manager Number of Open Jobs: 30,305 Median Salary: $88,083 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “This one seems self-serving since this is my field but I like to see an HR history in a candidate because I know that they have dealt with just about everything that employees can throw at you. Whether it's performance and behavior issues, lawsuits and claims or regular daily compliance challenges, HR Managers have to keep up with a whirlwind of laws, regulations, company policies, trends and employee requests on a daily basis. HR folks have also learned a lot about managing people, in all of their glory, and teaching other people how to manage people.” —Santopietro Panall 11. Accountant Number of Open Jobs: 35,637 Median Salary: $43,316 Why It’s Great For Your Resume: “Besides providing a solid and comprehensive foundation these credentials convey a seriousness and discipline that are essential to advance in the finance world. Training as an accountant plus a CPA opens doors to leadership positions as a controller or Chief Financial Officer. Although it doesn't hurt to have an MBA degree, just about all controller positions and most CFO jobs require a prior history in accounting preferably with a public accounting firm along with the CPA… It is another box that can be checked off to compare one candidate against another. Those whose resumes have a CPA prominently displayed are more likely to make the cut.” —Cohen  

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