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Looking to find out what companies are hiring, what it’s like to interview at a specific company or even what it’s like to work as a Taxidermist? AOL Jobs shares this advice and more in this week’s blog round up:

Top 10 Companies Hiring This Week

I interviewed at Wells Fargo Bank

Undercover Boss Denny Slagle Wants to Bring Mack Back

Mack Trucks are about as American as baseball, apple pie and Harley Davidsons …even if the truck manufacturer was bought out by Volvo of Sweden. Still, every Mack that runs on American roads is built right here in the USA, and, right along with the rest of the trucking industry, Mack was hit hard by the recession. But President and CEO Denny Slagle is intent on helping the company return to its former glory…

Confessions of a Personal Assistant

In the fall of 2003, I had just graduated from UCLA with a degree in anthropology, an area which was personally very enlightening but, unless you plan on doing research in that field, is basically useless in most work sectors. At 22 years of age, I didn’t want to go to law school or work in human resources — two paths that many of my anthropology classmates took — but instead aspired to a career in entertainment.

Jorge Arteaga : Mexican-Born NASCAR Driver Making Inroads at Daytona

NASCAR is a sport that has fans everywhere, but its American roots and the passion of its fans seem to be strongest in the Southern United States. However, in recent years, NASCAR’s Southern connection has reached further south than ever before. 24-year-old Jorge Arteaga may have been born in the town of Aguascalientes, Mexico, but this week, he’s working toward someday achieving his childhood dream of…

Confessions of a Taxidermist: Sometimes Gross, Never Boring

My name is Heidi. I’m a 36-year-old professional reporter and researcher. My husband Kaylan is a professional taxidermist who runs and operates his own studio, called In Tune Taxidermy, here in Castle Rock, Colorado. I have on many occasions been promoted to “assistant taxidermist” when my husband is in a bind; I know he needs help, but personally I think he just likes to see me squirm!

Actress Danica McKellar Proves Math Doesn’t Suck

Everyone knows Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. But what about Sophie Germain? We have skyscrapers because of her work in math. And how about Danica McKellar? You may know her name, but not all of her work. She might earn her place among those legends because of her work in mathematics.

Interview Confidence to the Edge of Cockiness

Time and time again, I remind job seekers that your attitude in the interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. Keep in mind though that, “attitude” covers a lot of ground. Job seekers are reminded to keep a positive demeanor on interviews and never to speak ill of past employers. But there is also a value to maintaining an air of confidence during your interviews, one that projects you can do the job well.

My Unemployed Life: Forced to Retire, I Still Need a Job

At 59 years old I, Trudie Nash, became a statistic in our nation’s downwardly spiraling economic nightmare. For 37 years I worked as a high-school English teacher here in Greenville, S.C. Most teachers feel that ours is a secure job; there will always be children and children will always need teachers, right? Wrong. That may have been the way I used to think, until a little monster called budget cuts decided that…