Need Career or Job Search Advice? The Glassdoor Clearview Collection Can Help

We are excited to introduce The Clearview Collection, a new blog feature drawing on a panel of recognized and respected career and workplace experts with a wide range of experience in human resources, recruiting and management.  Each day, posts will cover a wide range of issues related to jobs, career management and employment. .

Recent contributions from the contributors address everything from defining your brand in your job search to figuring out if you may be next on the chopping block for a layoff at your company. Here’s a recap of last week’s posts from Clearview contributors:

In addition to weekly updates from each of the Clearview contributors, the Collection will also debate monthly hot-button topics like the existence of a glass ceiling, executive compensation, pay fairness and reviews of new resume tactics. You can find the first point/counter-point debate that argues how much is too much when it comes to personal transparency and your career, here.

Got a question or suggested topics for the Clearview team? Email us at