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Whose Salary Would You Want to Know?

Salary transparency was all the rage in 2016. Celebrities like Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Lawrence got candid about the wage gap in Hollywood. Companies...

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Amy Elisa Jackson

Dec 21, 2016

Can You Negotiate Your Salary If You're A Part-Time Employee?

Salary negotiations usually occur when you’re considering a full-time job offer or during a promotion. But if you’re considering a part-time job or are...

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Glassdoor Team

Oct 26, 2016

4 Things to Consider When Asking for a Raise

You just found out you can make 10K at a competitor down the street. Before you hit print on from the Know Your Worth™...

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Glassdoor Team

Oct 19, 2016

Bonus or Salary Increase: Which Type of Raise Is Best For You?

It’s always good news when you learn that you’re getting a boost in pay. But there’s a range of possibilities for what a raise...

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Eileen Hoenigman Meyer

Oct 17, 2016

What To Do If You're Underpaid?

So you’ve realized you’re underpaid. Whether you found out by looking at salary estimates or after talking numbers with your colleagues, it’s never easy...

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Julia Malacoff

Oct 12, 2016

A CEO Reveals How to Increase Your Value as an Employee

Employee compensation can be an emotional subject, especially if you’re the employee. It is often daintily tiptoed around in interviews and loudly complained about...

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Glassdoor Team

Oct 4, 2016

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