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Can’t Choose Between Two Careers? Consider A Hybrid Job

Once upon a time, different career paths existed in separate silos, completely independent of each other. If you decided to become a lawyer, you couldn’t change your mind, take a few classes, and become a part-time teacher, and vice versa. No matter what career you chose, you were pretty much stuck there for the long haul.

Luckily that’s no longer the case. The job market is changing rapidly; if you take a look at today’s job postings, you’ll see all kinds of new fields that never existed before, from social media careers to computer programming careers to green careers. And a byproduct of these changes is the hybrid job, a job that blends two careers together.

If you’re planning your future, but can’t decide between two different career paths, or if you’re a professional who loves your job but wants to branch out and try something new, a hybrid career may be just what the doctor ordered. Take a look at these examples for a little inspiration.

Top Hybrid Careers to Consider

If you love nursing and law …

Consider a Legal Nurse Consulting Career
These days, the heathcare world has gotten pretty complicated. Healthcare providers, such as hospitals and independent clinics, are constantly dealing with insurance companies and risk management departments. When these negotiations require legal assistance, that’s where legal nurse consultants enter the picture. With their extensive knowledge of the healthcare and legal worlds, legal nurse consultants are employed by a variety of organizations to help both sides during the litigation process.

To get started on this career path, you’ll first need to be a registered nurse, which means you’ll need a nursing diploma, Associate’s degree in nursing, or a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing.

If you’re considering medicine and engineering …

Consider a Biomedical Engineering Career
You may think that artificial organs and mechanical prosthetics are things of the future, but thanks to the work of biomedical engineers, these creations are helping patients heal in the present. Biomedical engineers pair a deep knowledge of engineering and design principles with an understanding of how the human body works to create medical devices and solutions to keep us healthy.

If you’re interested in healthcare and technology …

Consider a Health Information Management Career
The days of paper files and medical charts are over. These days, most hospitals and doctor’s officers are converting to electronic file and information systems, which make it quicker and easier to admit patients, read their histories, and diagnose diseases.

This means that there is a lot of medical information out there that needs to be sorted, merged, and protected. And the professionals who are leading the charge are health information managers. If you’ve always wanted to enter the healthcare field, but direct patient care didn’t seem right for you, this is a great opportunity (especially if you like project and information management).

If you’re great with art and computers …

Consider an Animation Career
We generally think of artists as passionate, creative, free-spirit types, while computer programmers are assumed to be analytical, logical, problem-solvers. But what if you’re a little bit of both?

You can take your love of computers and complex programming code and use it to create stunning graphics through an animation career. With their artistic ability and extensive computer knowledge, animators bring graphics to life for advertisers, computer games, and major motion pictures like Toy Story.

If you love culinary arts and business …

Consider a Specialty Food Shop Owner Career
Do you love all things culinary, but can’t quite picture yourself in the kitchen all day? There are plenty of ways to incorporate your culinary expertise into another industry. If you like business, and would love to start your own company, starting a specialty food shop may be perfect for you. This career will blend your passion for food with your business savvy, and with more and more consumers looking for gourmet and artisanal products, the timing couldn’t be better. – Originally posted on myFootpath by Noel Rozny