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CNBC Reports on CEO ratings, the Future of Glassdoor and Who's Getting A Bonus

Jane Wells, CNBC Reporter and Funny Business Blogger has been reporting all day today on Jane stopped by our offices to do the taping right before Christmas (which also happened to be the day after our holiday party – if people seem a little sluggish that’s because they were!) in the multi-segment series on her blog, check out further details from our CEO ratings report, discussion about the future of Glassdoor and information about bonuses. In addition, she’s gone a little deeper into companies like Dell and Chrysler.

Part 1:  Do You Love or Hate Your CEO?

Part 2: Can This Web Start Up Make Money?

Part 3: Who’s Getting a Bonus This Year?

Part 4: Michael Dell: Closer You Look, Less You Like

Part 5: Chrysler Workers Feel ‘Hopeless’

In addition, check out some of the polls CNBC is included at the bottom of the CNBC blogs. For example, CNBC polls readers of the Chrysler blog about their sentiments toward the approval and disapproval ratings of the Big Three Auto manufacturers. As of 3:30 p.m. PT, 106 readers voted:

Funny Business Poll
  Do you agree with the approval/disapproval ratings for Bob Nardelli?   * 106 responses  
  Nardelli is the best of the three
  Nardelli deserves better than 19 percent
  19 percent is too kind to him
Not a scientific survey.

In another CNBC online poll, readers were asked who’s the worst CEO in tech, have a look at what more than 375 readers had to say:

Funny Business Poll
  Who’s the worst CEO in tech?   * 376 responses  
  Jerry Yang
  Mark Hurd
  John Chambers
  Larry Ellison
  Steve Ballmer
  Steve Jobs
Not a scientific survey.

Both on and with the above CNBC poll, Jerry Yang pulls in the lowest ratings. On Glassdoor, Jerry Yang receives a low 35% approval rating, followed by: HP’s Mark Hurd (42%), Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (44%), Oracle’s Larry Ellison (63%), Cisco’s John Chambers (77%) and Apple’s Steve Jobs (90%).  You can also check out our recent analysis on the naughty and nice CEOs of 2008 and how the chief execs rate for the best places to work… and the worst places to work.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Jane’s video reports (that show our Sausalito offices), you can visit the video at the bottom of the page on this link here.