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College Grad New Hires Down; Career Service and Recruiting Professionals Discover Glassdoor

An article on MSNBC today referenced the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2009 student survey, which projected a 21.6 percent decrease in new hires among college graduates. Of the roughly 1.6 million students who recently graduated from college, this means that a measly 19.7 percent secured jobs upon graduation in May.Tim Besse, Glassdoor co-founder at NACE 2009

“Students don’t see the private sector as being as viable this year,” said Edwin Koc, director of strategic and foundation research for the Pennsylvania-based NACE.

This sentiment added fuel to the fire at this year’s NACE annual convention which wrapped up this past Friday. Event attendees (which included HR representatives, recruiters, college career service professionals and relevant businesses) came highly prepared to share and learn from one another in an effort to help recent college graduates and job seekers get better access to resources that could allow them to make more informed decisions that shape and affect their careers. Glassdoor participated in the conference and noted the enthusiasm by event organizers and other attendees. In fact, AJ, a member of the Glassdoor team, commented on Twitter last week “terrific energy from all NACE09 attendees here in Las Vegas.”

We wanted to thank NACE for putting on such a great event and for the fantastic feedback we received while at the conference (highlights below).

“These [Glassdoor] reviews are exactly how it is at our company! I’ve shared this w/ my boss so we can improve.” – A company recruiter

“ is so needed in today’s economy…I wish I had started it with you guys!” – A career services professional

“ is like Facebook for job seekers and students at colleges/universities…awesome site.” – Event attendeeHow many Mentos are in the Jar?

Also we wanted to say congratulations the winners, Wenyella Reid of Rutgers and Bobbi Murphy of St. Cloud State University, who guessed the correct number of Mentos in the jar at our booth and each won an ipod. One event attendee commented that guessing how many Mentos were in the jar was like answering an unexpected job interview question! So true. In fact one Business Consultant at McKinsey & Company was recently asked in an interview “How many golf balls fit in an airplane?”

Looking forward to NACE 2010!