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9 Companies That Will Make Your Commute Easier

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Most people who drive or otherwise commute to work can agree on at least one thing: the commute stinks. Whether you’re stuck in rush-hour traffic, navigating road closures, or running late because the subway or metro line is operating with delays, work commutes never seem to be easy or pleasant. That’s just one reason to love these nine companies—each has policies in place to make your commute less stressful, whether that’s instituting ridesharing programs or giving you the opportunity to work from home. So, if you’d rather leave a stressful commute in the rearview mirror, get your resume ready and apply below.

1. Intuit

Overall rating: 4.3

Commuter Benefits: “Driving to work can be expensive and stressful,” Intuit admits on its website. “Plus, all of those cars on the road take a toll on our planet. To make getting to work easier, greener and less of a hassle, we offer a variety of commuting options.” Those options include carpooling, car sharing, bicycling, and “guaranteed ride home” programs.

What Employees Say: “Smart co-workers, great company-wide support/value for design and user research, good compensation and benefits, great company culture. Management open to feedback + many avenues to help solve what you think needs improved.” — Current Employee

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2. Draft Kings

Overall rating: 3.9

Commuter Benefits: According to its website, Draft Kings offers Zipline discounts. Plus, it adds, “we know sometimes things come up and are flexible with our informal sick and vacation time,” which could make it easier to work from home when you really need to.

What Employees Say: “Perks are awesome. Snacks, coffee [and] nitro, beer, catered food on Fridays, haircuts, massages, manicures—the list goes on. Most of the people are great. Compensation is on par or above places.” — Current Employee

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3. Asana

Overall rating: 4.9

Commuter Benefits: According to its website, Asana offers “commuter benefits” and “Uber credits,” so that your ride into work doesn’t hurt your wallet—too badly, anyway.

What Employees Say: “Challenging problems to solve, emphasis on learning, culture that encourages work-life balance, incredible amounts of autonomy for individual contributors, managers that serve as mentors and advocates, respectful and intentional community.” — Current Employee

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4. BNY Mellon

Overall rating: 3.2

Commuter Benefits: BNY Mellon boasts flexible work arrangements—meaning, the chance to work from home and reduce your commute to zero miles—and “leave policies and programs designed to assist with both personal and family responsibilities,” according to its website.

What Employees Say: “Benefits are better than at many other financial companies. Management very engaged and approachable at all levels, including the President and CEO. Lots of feedback to make sure your career goals are being met, and opportunities are presented to grow or change into new roles. You can be a major contributor and earn a good salary without taking the management track.” — Current Employee

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5. LendingHome

Overall rating: 4.3

Commuter Benefits: LendingHome lists “commuter benefits” as one of the perks of working for the company on its website. “We find the best people, give them room to run, and watch amazing things happen,” LendingHome says.

What Employees Say: LendingHome is the best mortgage origination and operations company I have worked for since joining the industry in the mid 1990s. The corporate culture puts people first but still delivers a strong & innovative tech-based lending platform. The onboarding and training program is the best I have experienced. Highly dedicated and collaborative team.” — Current Employee

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6. PWC

Overall rating: 3.8

Commuter Benefits:  While PWC doesn’t specifically list commuter benefits on its website, it does seem to offer employees ample opportunity to nix their commute entirely by taking time off. “We think everyone deserves some time off to truly unplug and relax,” the website says. “But how often does that happen? Even during the smoothest times, integrating life and work can be challenging enough. That’s why we created opportunities for everyone to unplug, relax and rejuvenate through a range of paid time off programs, including year-round ‘flex days,’” which commonly mean the chance to work from home or elsewhere.

What Employees Say: “There is a lot about the firm that is great. It is a great culture that values collaboration (below the partner level), that truly values diversity of its employees, and that is very collegial.” — Current Employee

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chegg lobby

7. Chegg

Overall rating: 3.9

Commuter Benefits: When it comes to a PTO policy, “our policy is simple,” Chegg states on its website. “We don’t have one. Our employees work with their manager to schedule time off and we don’t track it.” If that’s the case, say sayonara to a few commutes, then!

What Employees Say: “Incredibly diverse, collaborative and welcoming place to work. Opinions here are welcomed, discourse encouraged and leadership promoted.” — Current Employee

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8. Gartner

Overall rating: 3.7

Commuter Benefits: Gartner lists a “bike to work scheme” as one of its employee perks on its Glassdoor benefits profile. Plus, in their benefits reviews on Glassdoor, some employees mention a “car allowance” for sales employees who likely use their car to drive on the job.

What Employees Say: “Modern culture, flexible work environment, great facilities and amenities at work—gym, chefs, pool tables, etc. You will get a lot of education and exposure with working with enterprise size clients and C-Level executives. A lot of perks come with the company, great vacations, team days, fun events, and fun quarter closes.” — Former Employee

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9. MuleSoft

Overall rating: 3.9

Commuter Benefits: “Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy with competitive benefits packages, as well as gym discounts, commuter benefits programs, catered lunches in our main offices, and a flexible vacation policy,” MuleSoft promises on its website.

What Employees Say: “Outstanding culture and great selling proposition. We are truly enabling customers to digitally transform their businesses. This allows us to have C-Level business conversations with our customers. As someone in sales that is an exciting and rewarding situation. Plus the culture is great. Everyone is smart and in it to win.” — Current Employee

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