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9 Companies Offering Commuter Benefits

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated July 28, 2020

Commuting. Just the word triggers a headache for some employees. Getting to and from the office, especially in a metropolitan area, can be a timely and costly addition to your workday — even Glassdoor employees know the struggle. Now some employers are expanding their perks to provide free public transportation passes, carpooling programs and the ubiquitous tech shuttles for workers making the trek. If you're struggling to justify your commute beyond being able to catch up on your favorite podcasts, see which companies provide transportation benefits to their employees:

1. Google

Overall rating: 4.4

Benefits: When it comes to its employees, “There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for helping you to be at your best,” Google says on its career site. That's why the company provides a Wifi-enabled shuttle that allows employees to work and commute to the Mountain View campus.

What Employees Say: “Google takes care of you all around. From food, health care, generous vacation, onsite gym, and so on, you are well taken care off and can focus on work rather than dealing with life's hassles.”


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2. Apple

Overall Rating: 4.0

Benefits: According to Apple, "Together, we’ll do amazing work that can make a difference in people’s lives. Including your own." The company has done its part to make a difference in its employees' commutes, by providing a shuttle service to its Cupertino headquarters and transportation reimbursement.

What Employees Say: “This makes it a very exciting place to work. Benefits are great and hard work is rewarded through annual performance reviews.”

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3. Genentech

Overall Rating: 4.0

Benefits: “We believe that you, as an employee, matter above everything else," Genentech says. "We back that statement up continuously with a unique approach to providing you with great benefits and valuable resources.” Genentech’s transportation program, gRide, provides buses and vanpools to several cities near its San Francisco headquarters as well as public transportation stations. Employees are also incentivized to bike, walk, or carpool to work.

What Employees Say: “Genentech cares for their employees and wants to make sure they have all the necessary resources available to them.”

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4. Box

Overall Rating: 4.2

Benefits: Regarding employee well being, Box says, "Whether you're looking for traditional benefits or fun perks - we've got you covered!" The company's guarantee includes a pre-tax commuter program that allows employees to save on parking and mass transit costs.

What Employees Say: “Great culture, amazing coworkers, good benefits and a close-knit community. Everyone is very helpful and team focused. A great environment to work in!”

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5. Facebook

Overall Rating: 4.5

Benefits: Facebook’s benefits website says, At Facebook, we take care of our people so they can take care of bringing the world closer together.” Facebook extends that care to employees’ commutes by providing a shuttle to and from its Menlo Park headquarters.

What Employees Say: “The best thing about the benefits is that they are 100% taking care of us as employees. Transportation, health, family life, the future. Every aspect of that Facebook takes care of [for] the employees.”

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6. Boston Scientific

Overall Rating: 4.0

Benefits: “Boston Scientific provides comprehensive benefit offerings to its employees supporting individual wellbeing needs and interests,” says the company. Boston Scientific brightens up the morning commute to its Massachusetts campus by providing a shuttle for employees with TVs airing the morning news and a coffee maker.

What Employees Say: “Excellent pay and benefits, above standard. I haven't found another medical device company that has as good of employee perks, benefits, and pay.”

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7. Honey

Overall Rating: 4.7

Benefits: Honey says on its website that "we've figured out the secret sauce to creating a collaborative and inclusive culture," and they've certainly figured out how to beat the SoCal traffic. Honey provides free Metro passes, a commuter program, and free parking — which in Downtown LA is no joke.

What Employees Say: “It was a fun and engaging place to work, full of great people and the work/life balance was as much as one could ask for.”

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8. Tinder

Overall rating: 3.9

Benefits: "Our people are our greatest investment," Tinder states. That investment shows through employees' tax-free savings to use for commute expenses. It's a match!

What Employees Say: " The people are great. Everyone is friendly, smart, passionate about the product and committed. Good pay, good benefits. Fun environment."

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9. F5 Networks

Overall Rating: 3.9

Benefits: F5 Networks says on their website that workplace perks are “an investment in the health and well-being of our employees that cultivates an atmosphere where everyone benefits.” The company not only gives free transit passes to its Seattle employees, but also provides transportation allowances and free electric car charging stations for drivers.

What Employees Say: “The benefits at F5 are far greater than any benefits package I have seen. Even the insurance companies make comments about our coverage.”

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