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12 Companies Dedicated to Doing Good & Hiring Now

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For those of us who have a cause we’re passionate about helping – whether it’s caring for the environment or education the disadvantaged; or building homes and ensuring everyone has access to clean water – we find more meaning working for a company that has a passion for a cause…and really supports it.

Whether or not your current job shares your passion for volunteer work, social responsibility, or simply doing good in the world, it’s always refreshing to hear about the companies out there that are making profound and meaningful impacts in their communities.

If you’re looking to work for a company that either shares your same passions for social responsibility, or will at least give you paid time off to do your volunteer work – here’s a good list of companies to apply to. And guess what? All of these companies are hiring right now!

1. Timberland

How they do good: The company offers paid-time off to employees to volunteer. Timberland is passionate about its footprint in the world. From its environmental values to protect the outdoors, responsibly create products responsibly and to giving back to its local communities through volunteer and service work, the company is constantly striving to do good across the world.

Open positions: Sales Associate, Senior Director – Marketing North America, Digital Marketing Manager – Wholesale, Coordinator – Human Resource Business Partner, Accounting Payroll Specialist

What employees say: “Employees are very community service minded and passionate about the brand heritage and products. Great work environment with lots of perks.” – Current anonymous employee

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How they do good: Beyond creating bars with real ingredients and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the company encourages kindness through its brand and partners with a variety of organizations to create programs that celebrate and promote positive action.

Open positions: Talent Acquisition Administrator, Field Marketing Manager – New York Metro, Office Coordinator, Field Sales Representative – Philadelphia, Laboratory Technician, Sr. Manager Strategy, Associate Field Marketing Manager – Philadelphia, Project Manager of Operations, Trade Promotion System Analyst & more.

What employees say: “KIND provides everyone with opportunities to make an impact, and it is extremely gratifying to work for a company which not only creates the highest quality products, but that also has an incredible social mission. Team members have opportunities to actively support the KIND foundation, which includes participating in days of service where the entire company volunteers in our local communities. KIND is working every day to create initiatives that drive positive social change, including KIND people, KIND causes, Empatico (to name a few), and I appreciate that team members are always updated on the impact these causes have.” – Current anonymous employee

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3. Warby Parker

How they do good: Social innovation is a core part of the company – for every pair of glasses sold, they distribute one to someone in need. The company has a social innovation team that partner with various local and international organizations for projects and organizes volunteer days for employees.

Open positions: Optician, Sales Advisor, Social Innovation Associate, Strategy Manager, Customer Experience Advisor, Executive Assistant to the CTO

What employees say: “Strong and meaningful mission. Take advantage of any volunteer opportunities, 110% worth it!” – Former customer experience advisor

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4. Salesforce

How they do good: The company gives employees paid time off to volunteer and constantly gives back to its community, through partnerships and volunteering.  Their company sustainability program focuses on the environment and putting people and the plant first.

Open positions: Infrastructure Product Planner, Security Communications Lead, Lead Software Engineer – Web Security, DevOps Engineer, Agile Transformation Coach, Software Architect

What employees say: “Salesforce consistently PROVES how much they care about their employees, their customers and their customer’s customers. I have never worked for an organization that worked so diligently to provide a healthful, relaxed and comfortable place in which to excel. This organization is truly unique and truly head, shoulders, knees and toes above every other place I’ve ever chosen to be employed. They earn their “Best Places to Work” status every day and I am proudly soaking up the culture of inclusiveness, equality and contributing to the greater good.” – Current senior account executive

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5. Glossier

How they do good: This beauty brand is on a mission to inspire women to feel comfortable in their skin and uses their voice and marketing to promote body positivity and inspiration.

Open positions: Director of Loyalty, gTeam Editor – Customer Service, VP of Data, Director of Retail Operations, VP Design & UX, Director E-mail Marketing

What employees say: “The Company takes pride in its individual employees, employees are treated with respect and are well taken care of. The Company has a bigger mission, to help girls + women feel beautiful in their own skin. Members of upper management are positive, passionate and regularly seen engaging around the office.” – Former employee

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6. REI

How they do good: Through outdoor education programs, to community volunteer days and a commitment to respecting the environment and creating products responsibly, REI is more than just an outdoor gear company.

Open positions: Executive Assistant – Brand Stewardship and Impact, Photography Stylist, Forecast Analsy, Senior Projct Manager – BI, Adventure Travel Program Manager – Latin America, Digital Merchandiser

What employees say: “Wonderful and encouraging atmosphere with terrific incentives that made me feel valued and immersed in the company’s culture.”  – Former employee

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7. Stonyfield

How they do good: The company has a passion for helping family farms survive, so in addition to donations, it offers a nonprofit organic farming school. The company also does good by protecting the environment with organic growing methods and providing access to healthy food.

Open positions: Sales Planning Analyst, Machine Operator, Staff Accountant, Trade Management Specialist, Customer Business Manager

What employees say: “They encourage volunteering and visiting the regional dairy farms. It’s a B Corp which earns a lot of merit from those that are environmentally and socially conscious (mostly all of the employees).” – Former employee

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8. BoxLunch

How they do good: This civic-minded company offers merchandise and donates $10 of all purchases to Feeding America to provide meal security.

Open positions: Sales Associate, Key Holder, Store Manager, Assistant Manager

What employees say: “We help give back to the community through our partnership with Feeding America.” – Current employee

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9. Charity: water

How they do good: The name says it all – this non-profit is dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. From drilling wells to water filtration systems and fundraising money – the company is leading the fight against the water crisis.

Open positions: Waters Program Associate, Head of People and Culture, Water Programs Coordinator, Senior Product Manager, Head of IT

What employees say: “The org is super mission-oriented, and always doing its best to be on the cutting edge of technology in the non-profit industry. It’ll often feel like you’re working at a tech start-up.” – Former employee

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10. Patagonia

How they do good: Patagonia is committed to inspiring and implement solutions to create positive change in the world and to keep the environment safe and healthy. Beyond volunteering in communities around the world, the company does social good by creating products in sustainable and ethical ways.

Open positions: Sales Associate, Visual Merchandiser, Environmental Programs Manager, Environmental Grants Program Manager, Production Manager, Director of Customer Service

What employees say: “Being involved in environmental issues nationally and locally and a part of a company that wants to change the world for the better. The freedom to be yourself at work and be surrounded by coworkers who share similar passions and interests.” – Current part-time sales associate

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11. Masonite

How they do good: In addition, to providing training and leadership development programs for employees, the company does social good in its community to help local high school students and immigrant workers find high-paying jobs by connecting them with the right resources.

Open positions: Content Manager, Helper, Payroll Administrator, Customer Service Representative, Manufacturing Production, Value Stream Leader, Senior Financial Analyst

What employees say: “The company does a good job of supporting its employee’s development goals and being active in the community. This creates a strong backing for our value of “Holding the door open” for personal growth and a feeling you are not just making an impact in the business but in the Tampa Bay Area as well.” –  Current anonymous employee

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12. TeamHealth

How they do good: “At TeamHealth, our passion for helping others isn’t just our culture – it’s everything we do. We believe giving back creates better experiences for everyone. It’s about building team unity and creating a positive impact in the communities we serve. From fundraising events and financial assistance to empowering our clinicians and non-clinical team with the resources they need to make a difference, our commitment to serving others is shared across TeamHealth.”

Open positions: Physician, Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Psychologist, CRNA, Anesthesiologist, Emergency Physician & more.

What employees say: “Company has been around for 40+ years, they continue to grow and evolve as the field of medicine changes. Leadership development for physicians is fantastic and continues to evolve. They understand that physicians need support in various areas in order to be able to enjoy practicing.” –Current employee

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