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10 Companies With Huge Employee Discounts

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated October 17, 2017

When you apply for a job, there are a bevy of benefits you should consider — think: health care coverage, 401(k) options and vacation policies. But one more thing to think about, depending on the job? Employee discounts — a perk often offered to employees who work in stores or otherwise in retail. Those discounts can add up to big savings on things that you need, want and use every day. So if that sounds up your alley, here are 10 companies to look at.

1. Gap Inc.

Discount Details: Athleta, Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic employees receive a whopping 50 percent off on all store items. And with those prices, you can get a new wardrobe each season.

Company Rating: 3.6

What Employees Say: “Great quality of life, benefits are the best, and people are like family!” Former Employee


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2. Apple

Discount Details: If you work in an Apple Store,  you’ll be eligible for a 25 percent discount on computers the second you start your job. Then, when you want to upgrade, you’ll get $500 off your next computer purchase.

Company Rating: 4.0

What Employees Say: “I worked in Apple retail for [seven] years and I learned so many valuable skills that helped me excel in my career afterwards. This is a place where you work with fun products, work in a structured and accountable environment, and are given opportunities and experiences that can help you grow professionally.” Former Genius

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3. Whole Foods Market

Discount Details: Are you a diehard foodie? Then you'll love the  20 percent discount employees receive on all their store purchases. Bon appétit!

Company Rating: 3.5

What Employees Say: “I worked as a part-time cashier for [eight] years at my local Whole Foods Market store, and felt proud to be part of the team! Hourly pay was excellent, and I always found that the team leaders worked right alongside their team members. Even though I was just part-time, they treated me as a valued employee. They knew I worked a full-time job and worked around my schedule. They welcome feedback from employees on ways to improve things.” Former Front End Cashier

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4. Best Buy

Discount Details: Work for Best Buy for three months, and you’ll be able to score a selection of appliances and tech equipment at wholesale, plus a small markup.

Company Rating: 3.7

What Employees Say: “Wonderful working environment, with a phenomenal discount on the latest tech. You have time and the training to get up to an expert level on this technology and it is extremely rewarding in that regard.” Current Employee

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5. Zappos

Discount Details: Zappos employees earn a 40 percent discount on everything they purchase on (Not to mention, they also get a ton of other company-sponsored benefits. For example, their healthcare premiums are covered at 100 percent.)

Company Rating: 3.9

What Employees Say: “Great work life balance and benefits and culture. Opportunity to grow and learn is always there. It's a place you like to come to everyday with other passionate people.” Current Buyer

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6. Barnes & Noble

Discount Details: Book lovers may already be drawn to working at this retailer — but the 50 percent discount they’ll receive at the store’s cafes (stocked with Starbucks coffee) and 30 percent off they’ll get inside the bookstore are surely additional draws.

Company Rating: 3.6

What Employees Say: “If you love books, you will love working at Barnes & Noble. You get to see all the latest books, discover new authors, and meet some at events. Staff make recommendations on books for customers and work on special displays. The management works with you on scheduling and the employees are great.” Former Employee

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7. The Container Store

Discount Details: With a 40 percent discount on regularly-priced merchandise, the guys and gals who work at The Container Store may just organize on and off the clock. The employees here will also earn 50 percent off the brand’s uber-popular Elfa products.

Company Rating: 3.2

What Employees Say: “There is an awesome team atmosphere in the store and every employee gets along great. There is little drama.”  Current Employee

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8. Men’s Wearhouse

Discount Details: Scoring 50 percent off on clothing is usually considered a coup, but employees of Men’s Wearhouse do even better: they earn 55 percent off purchases.

Company Rating: 3.2

What Employees Say: “Great bonuses if the month’s sales are made. Not hard work physically. A laid back company to work for. The discount is fabulous.” Current Formalwear Manager

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9. PetSmart

Discount Details: If you want to share your employee discount with your furry best friend, PetSmart may just be the place you want to work. Employees here get 15 percent off the pet supplies they purchase in-store and on the chain’s website.

Company Rating: 3.1

What Employees Say: “The coworkers are very nice and have the best intention in them. The customers are occasionally regulars and after a couple visits you'll know each other on a first name basis! The best part is playing with the animals occasionally.” Current Petcare Associate

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 10. Ulta Beauty

Discount Details: Ulta Beauty sure lives up to its name with their beautiful employee discounts. Associates get a 50 percent discount on salon services, and 25 percent off all retail items.

Company Rating: 3.2

What Employees Say: "Great discount, and you get to meet A LOT of wonderful people in the beauty industry which is extremely helpful for making connections!" —Current Employee

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