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12 Companies That Offer Free Lunch

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated December 19, 2017
|7 min read

Ask around the Glassdoor office, and employees will agree — this place spoils you for life. Why? Besides the amazing coworkers, inspiring mission and great company culture, we get free catered lunch every day in our Mill Valley, CA headquarters. And once you've gotten free lunch on a daily basis, it's hard to imagine working anywhere that doesn't offer this perk. It may sound trivial,  but it really does make a difference. The amount of time you save making food and packing it each night or, on the other hand, the money you save by not going out to eat, really adds up over time.

Looking for a company that'll foot the bill for your meals? Apply to one of these 12 companies offering free lunch today!

1. Asana

Company Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA

Details: At Asana, a company that makes productivity software, food isn’t just a perk — it’s an art. “Our culinary team provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner daily. Meals are all organic, sustainably farmed and fished, and local when possible,” Asana says. “Our skilled chefs and nutrition team thoughtfully plan every menu around meals that keep the Asana team feeling energized, nourished and working at their highest potential.” And the employees rave about it. “Our culinary program deserves a michelin star… Better than a restaurant or what I could make at home. I am seriously so grateful for this,” says a current Content Writer.

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2. CoverMyMeds

Company Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Columbus, OH; Highland Hills, OH

Details: CoverMyMeds, a healthcare tech company based out of Columbus, proves that free lunch isn’t just a Silicon Valley perk. The company has an in-house chef, which is “dedicated to making healthy lunches every day,” says a current Software Engineer. “There is also bottomless coffee, beer, soda, [kombucha], water and snacks available all the time.”

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3. Robinhood

Company Rating: 5.0

Where Hiring: Palo Alto, CA; Orlando, FL

Details: Founded in 2013, Robinhood is a stock trading app that aims to democratize access to financial markets. And as savvy financiers, they know that providing free lunch for their employees is a great investment. “Free daily catered lunch and dinner, plus unlimited snacks and drinks,” says a current employee. “Every Tuesday night, we get catering from a favorite local Chinese restaurant. Every Thursday night, we have noodle night, which could either be pho (really good - like no joke!), ramen, etc.”

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4. SendGrid

Company Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Denver, CO; Redwood City, CA

Details: One of the four keys to communication platform company SendGrid’s culture is “hungry” — but that refers to their ambition, not their empty stomachs! SendGrid provides free, catered lunch every day from a variety of local restaurants. “The company perks are amazing,” says a current employee. “Free lunch daily, fully stocked kitchen with snack and food so plentiful you could make a meal morning lunch and dinner.”

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5. Yahoo

Company Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Sunnyvale, CA; Lockport, NY; Omaha, NE

Details: Work at internet giant Yahoo, and you may never have to pay for a meal again in your life (on weekdays, at least) — the company provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. “Most are organic and healthy,” says a current Engineer. “Frequently scouts for new offerings and changes so never stale.”

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6. SAP

Company Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: Newtown Square, PA; Alpharetta, GA; Bellevue, WA; Plano, TX and many more

Details: Given the fact that SAP is based out of Europe, perhaps it’s no surprise that they offer amazing benefits — one of which is free lunch. According to employees, lunch is either available through catering, an in-house cafeteria or a per diem stipend depending on the office.

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7. Glassdoor

Company Rating: 4.0

Where Hiring: Mill Valley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; Dublin, Ireland

Details: As a Glassdoor employee myself, I can testify firsthand to the quality of the catered lunches we receive on a daily basis at the Mill Valley headquarters. We rotate between two caterers each week with plenty of options for the health-conscious, vegetarians, omnivores and more. On the menu this week? Seafood paella, smothered pork chops, pumpkin coconut curry and Asian chopped salad, to name just a few.

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8. Sprout Social

Company Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA

Details: Sprout Social, makers of a social analytics platform, know that a well-fed employee is a happy employee. That’s why they’re proud to offer “breakfast and lunch options onsite, and more healthy snack options and beverages than you can imagine.” And the perks don’t end there. “Everything is so well considered. They care deeply about the growth of employees and support them by providing free breakfast & lunch, unlimited PTO, yoga [classes,] new computers, and a beautiful office in the heart of the loop,” says a current employee.

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9. Panda Express

Company Rating: 3.5

Where Hiring: Rosemead, CA; Hebron, KY; Lewiston, ID; Charlotte, NC and many more

Details: Free lunches aren’t just for those who work in a corporate setting — many businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industry offer this perk as well, including Panda Express. “At lunch time you get free food which is really nice,” says a former Cook. “You aren't required to pay and you have a choice of anything on the menu.”

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10. Riot Games

Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Los Angeles, CA; Los Altos, CA and more

Details: Located just minutes from the beach in Los Angeles, Riot’s headquarters “features a large kitchen and cafeteria that serves lunch and dinner, with rotating menus everyday,” the company says, as well as “smaller kitchens that are stocked with coffee, drinks, snacks, cereal, and fruit that Rioters can munch on all day.”

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11. Domo

Company Rating: 4.2

Where Hiring: American Fork, UT; Chicago, IL and more

Details: “We hire the best. We expect a lot. And we make sure you are fully compensated for your work,” says business intelligence platform company Domo. Part of that generous compensation includes plenty of free food, including “breakfast options, cold cereal, muffins, yogurt and granola, LOTS of drinks, and donuts on Fridays,” as well as catered lunch and dinner. “Incredible food,” says a current Software Engineer. “All you can eat. Always has a salad/soup bar in addition to whatever main course they are serving that day… And it's free.”

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12. Quantcast

Company Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL and more

Details: Adtech company Quantcast is most well-known for its audience measurement and insight platform — but you don’t need to leverage their advanced technology to see that employees love the free food there. “Catered lunch M-F; breakfast food available too,” says a current Software Engineer.

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