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Hot Companies Hiring Data Scientists

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Last Updated November 8, 2019

As a data scientist, you dive into data — of course! — to gain business insights, which means you have the opportunity to work at a variety of companies who value their own analytics. And even better, the data science field is growing: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for computer and information research scientists — including data scientists — is projected to grow by at least 19 percent by 2026, making it even easier to snag a position in this industry.

“Computer scientists are likely to enjoy excellent job prospects, because many companies report difficulties finding these highly skilled workers,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics says on its site.

And if that weren't enough, Data Scientist has been included on Glassdoor's Best Jobs in America as well as Highest Paying Jobs in America reports, earning an average of $96,116 each year.

If you’re a data scientist looking for a new job, check out these 10 companies that are hiring by the dozens.

1. Accenture

Company Rating: 3.8

# of Data Science roles: 43

CEO Approval Rating: 93%

What Employees Say: “There are a lot of pros working for Accenture. They have great career opportunities, a never-ending supply of interesting work, competitive compensation, wonderful benefits, great people, wonderful training programs, a tremendous number of brilliant professionals in their fields ready to help, and great core values.” —Current Employee

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2. Amazon

Company Rating: 3.8

# of Data Science roles: 329

CEO Approval Rating: 86%

What Employees Say: “Really smart people, a lot of opportunity for growth, always encouraged to be innovative, think big, and create something new. Competitive salary and benefits with other major tech companies. One-hundred percent self-motivating work environment. No dress code and four-legged friends are welcome.” —Current Employee

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3. Apple

Company Rating: 4.0

# of Data Science roles: 126

CEO Approval Rating: 91%

What Employees Say: “Extremely good benefits from healthcare, PTO, and discounts. Very relaxed environment with clearly laid out expectations.” —Current Employee

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4. Facebook

Company Rating: 4.4

# of Data Science roles: 144

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

What Employees Say: “I am living my dream job at Facebook. No day is ever alike and I get to tackle challenging problems surrounded by the best and brightest minds. The commuter reimbursement, free excellent food, 401 k matching and other great benefits overall are by far the best pros. My manager is the best, she helps us see around corners, protects her team from burnout and leads with transparency.” —Current Employee

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5. Fidelity Investments

Company Rating: 3.9

# of Data Science roles: 17

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

What Employees Say: “Benefits including profit sharing and bonuses are great. The breadth of this company provides a great opportunity to try out different career paths or boost your current one.” —Current Employee

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6. Google

Company Rating: 4.4

# of Data Science roles: 34

CEO Approval Rating: 92%

What Employees Say: “You can't find a more well-regarded company that actually deserves the hype it gets. You'll work on cutting edge projects/solve important issues that impact your community and the world You'll meet interesting people who are your colleagues, managers, and senior management. You'll open the paper and see your company in the news almost every day, and read about projects you're working on, which is a cool thing.” —Current Employee

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7. Intel

Company Rating: 4.0

# of Data Science roles: 23

CEO Approval Rating: 83%

What Employees Say: “Great technical spread, great flexibility of moving between groups, great work-life balance, good professional culture, and respect.” —Current Employee

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8. Microsoft

Company Rating: 4.2

# of Data Science roles: 57

CEO Approval Rating: 97%

What Employees Say: “Incredible resources, great product strategy, competent leadership, and all-around awesome place to be.” —Current Employee

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9. Twitter

Company Rating: 4.0

# of Data Science roles: 15

CEO Approval Rating: 87%

What Employees Say: “Good work-life balance, travel, cafeteria, interesting and challenging work, generally nice people, [and] unlimited vacation.” —Current Employee

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10. PayPal

Company Rating: 3.8

# of Data Science roles: 10

CEO Approval Rating: 88%

What Employees Say: “Excellent benefits, work-life balance, skilled staff and great management personnel!” —Current Employee

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