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19 Companies Hiring for the Highest Paying Jobs in America

The wait is over — our annual list of the Highest Paying Jobs in America for 2017 is here. With positions spanning industries from tech to healthcare to legal and beyond, there’s something for just about everyone. And, given their high salaries, perhaps it’s no surprise that these positions are highly in-demand.

So if you’ve got dollar signs in your eyes, but still want to make sure you love the company you work at, check out (and apply to!) these 19 companies below.

1. TeamHealth

Company Rating: 4.1

Hiring For: Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner

Location: Albuquerque, NM, Grove, OK; Johnson City, TN; Joplin, MO; Rhinebeck, NY

What Employees Say: “Flex time, not micromanaged, chance to address problems found with management and they listen and act on it, no work station sharing, onsite gym, great breakroom, everyone is willing to help and answer questions from the supervisors down to co-workers. Being cross trained in order to handle different claims problems from difference insurances and different states all at the same time keeps it from being repetitive and makes it interesting and constantly learning new things.” —Current Employee

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2. Walgreens

Company Rating: 3.2

Hiring For: Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacist

Location: Jackson, MS; Memphis, TN; Overland Park, KS; San Francisco, CA; Tempe, AZ; Wilmington, DE

What Employees Say: “I absolutely love it here. I was worried because it was my first foray into pharmacy and retail, so I was concerned about the culture (negative, very young, etc.). It is absolutely the opposite. My teammates and the pharmacists take a sincere interest in helping me learn and grow, and are incredibly kind and patient. The overall store atmosphere is great – the same store manager has been with the company since that particular location opened! Awesome retention.” —Current Pharmacy Technician

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3. GE

Company Rating: 3.8

Hiring For: Patent Attorney

Location: Evendale, OH; Norwalk, CT; Schenectady, NY; Wauwatosa, WI

What Employees Say: “GE is always trying to improve, not because regulators are forcing their hand to do as such, but because they are trying to build a strong company from the ground up. Lots of corporate initiatives that filter down to help create a focused, strong culture.” —Former Employee

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4. Biogen

Company Rating: 3.5

Hiring For: Medical Science Liaison

Location: Na Ah Tee, AZ; New York, NY

What Employees Say: “Great salary and atmosphere. Biogen truly cares about its employees whether permanent, contractor, co-op, or intern. They invest time in developing their employees by offering many easily accessible resources.” —Former Employee

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5. Post Consumer Brands

Company Rating: 3.3

Hiring For: Enterprise Architect, Plant Manager

Location: Lakeville, MN; Northfield, MN

What Employees Say: “Big company resources and caliber of talent in a small company, entrepreneurial culture. Global brands, strong future prospects for business growth. Good relationship with holding company (Post Holdings, Inc.).” —Current Employee

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cision office
6. Cision

Company Rating: 3.1

Hiring For: Application Development Manager

Location: Jersey City, NJ

What Employees Say: “Supportive working environment, where you feel valued. Communication thrives here, and the you will feel at ease being yourself. The workforce is highly diverse. There are some opportunities to grow since the industry is constantly changing.” —Former Bilingual Media Researcher

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7. Ghirardelli Chocolate

Company Rating: 3.8

Hiring For: Research & Development Manager

Location: San Leandro, CA

What Employees Say: “Free chocolate, supportive environment, plenty of room to grow in the company, large, stable company, plenty of divisions for a variety of jobs/experiences. Great family/work life balance. Wonderful support from upper management and everyone pitches in to help when needed. Opportunity to travel if you wanted to. Above average pay for job description.” —Current General Manager

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8. ICI Services

Company Rating: 3.3

Hiring For: Corporate Controller

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

What Employees Say: “The Program Management team is extremely supportive to individual contributors. The corporate office HR department resources are supportive by providing details of benefits. They take the time to be proactive educating employees by setting up seminars and are available to explain and to help with all the aspects of being a remote employee on a customer site.” —Former Employee

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Company Rating: 3.8

Hiring For: Software Engineering Manager

Location: Bristol, CT

What Employees Say: “Resources to help you succeed and further your personal growth is readily available. Wonderful and caring co-workers, a multitude of options and departments to really pursue your passion and interests, Disney tickets.” —Web Editor

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10. Epic Games

Company Rating: 4.5

Hiring For: IT Architect

Location: Cary, NC

What Employees Say: “The company is very aware of each employee and their happiness at work. Food and entertainment is supplied, as well as a full gym and quiet rooms. With the happiness of the employees of the utmost importance, they are able to attract the most talented people in the industry as well as keep their current employees at their best performance.” —Current Technical Lead

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dealer com office

Company Rating: 3.7

Hiring For: Software Architect

Location: Burlington, VT

What Employees Say: “ not only cares about the services they provide and their clients, but they also care about their employees. I have never been with a company that does so much for their team. In house gym, personal training options, massages, volunteer days, networking events, etc. With all of these offers, and the amount of pride you feel in the office, I never want to leave this company.” —Current Digital Campaign Coordinator

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12. Hiscox

Company Rating: 3.2

Hiring For: Solutions Architect, Data Architect

Location: Atlanta, GA

What Employees Say: “Fun group of people, transparent, you can make a difference and no matter your title or role, you are important. Marketing leading organization with young employees. You will learn a lot in a little bit of time. Best place I ever worked.” —Former Manager

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13. Marsh & McLennan Companies

Company Rating: 3.5

Hiring For: Actuary, Systems Architect

Location: Philadelphia, PA

What Employees Say: “Pros: Opportunities available across all operating companies. Flexible work schedule. Challenging work. On the right team, this can be an excellent place to work. Decent benefits. 1 day off per year to volunteer. Inclusive workplace.” —Current Employee

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14. Salesforce

Company Rating: 4.3

Hiring For: IT Program Manager

Location: Indianapolis, IN

What Employees Say: “I love this type of environment. They believe in the Ohana spirit, which is family. It is very much like a family. The benefits are amazing, the ongoing training is great, great work environment, and they truly take care of us. I genuinely like going into work.” —Current Customer Success Manager

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15. Gordon Food Service

Company Rating: 3.6

Hiring For: UX Manager

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

What Employees Say: “In addition to the profit sharing, smart people, lovely office environment, annual ‘meeting’ (celebration), excellent employee recognition, and great company vision and philosophy, you genuinely feel appreciated and valued on an individual level. Innovation and change are encouraged and not stifled as may be the case in more traditional corporate environments. There is a lot of opportunity to move around within the company if you’d like to do so, and leadership cares about your success. It is a great team to be a part of.” —Current Corporate Office Professional

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16. AgFirst

Company Rating: 4.0

Hiring For: Scrum Master

Location: Columbia, SC

What Employees Say: “I work with all the technology I need to develop instructional design: appropriate software, conference rooms with great tech features, Citrix environment to work remotely. I have an official agreement to work one day per week from home, a perk I enjoy. My supervisor and management are upbeat, personable, and dedicated to helping me succeed here. Everybody I’ve worked with in the company so far is friendly and kind. There is a sense of professionalism here to get the job done, but enjoy one another.” —Current Instructional Designer

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17. Synacor

Company Rating: 3.2

Hiring For: Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Location: Frisco, TX

What Employees Say: “Our new CEO has incredible business instincts and has what’s best for Synacor and its employees in mind, benefits are great, good culture, great teams and collaboration, lots of opportunity to learn, diverse and complex company with multiple state and country locations, renovations underway of all offices that need [to be] modernized, snacks and coffee in all offices, team events for holidays, HR dept is stabilizing and supportive, and managers are very flexible with working hours which makes work/life balance great.” —Current Employee

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18. GSE Systems

Company Rating: 3.1

Hiring For: Nuclear Engineer

Location: Sykesville, MD

What Employees Say: “Salaries are competitive (outlying Baltimore suburb). The projects are interesting and do provide good engineering/programming experience. Many talented programmers and engineers who are enthusiastic about quality simulations; they are key to finishing projects and keeping our long-time customers. Flexible work schedule and relaxed core hours.” —Current Systems Engineer

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19. American Tower

Company Rating: 3.3

Hiring For: Attorney

Location: Woburn, MA

What Employees Say: “I am very happy to come to work everyday. The culture is very laid back and everyone is very friendly. No micromanaging in my department. Very flexible with hours and cool events throughout the year including a paid Friday off in the summer for the Canobie Lake company outing. You start with 3 weeks of PTO, 3 floating holidays, a day each to spend time at a child’s school or with the elderly and a volunteer day. All holidays off and Black Friday.” —Current Employee

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Editor’s Note: The companies considered for this article must be actively hiring for at least one job on Glassdoor’s 2017 Highest Paying Jobs in America report. Companies were then selected by our editorial team and are featured in no particular order. Companies selected represent a range of company sizes, locations and industries.

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