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Awesome Companies With No Gender Pay Gap Hiring Now

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The gender pay gap is real.  Most women across the U.S. earn, on average, 79 cents to every dollar men make. And for non-white women, it can be even worse — African American women, on average, earn 60 cents compared to every dollar men make, and Latina women earn approximately 55 cents.

As we recognize Equal Pay Day — the date that symbolizes how far into the year white women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year — we wanted to give a special shout-out to the employers that have eliminated their wage gap and are paying men and women of all races the same amount. Equal pay for equal work.

Here are the handful of companies that have reported 99 to 100 percent pay equity in their employee ranks. If you’re passionate about the #PayMeToo movement and want to get paid fairly, consider applying for one of the thousands of open roles at these companies which have eliminiated the gender pay gap.


Details: Starbucks has reached 100 percent pay equity for partners of all genders and races performing similar work across the United States, the company announced in March 2018. “Roughly 10 years ago we began serious work to ensure women and men – of all ethnicities and races – are compensated fairly at Starbucks,” said Lucy Helm, chief partner officer at Starbucks. “This accomplishment is the result of years of work and commitment.”
Open Jobs: District Manager, Barista, Shift Supervisor, Senior Designer of Store Development & Design, Store Manager & more.
What Employees Say: “Great benefits like free coffee and food, health insurance, tuition reimbursement and 401k match. You’ll meet lots of cool people including other partners and customers.” —Current Shift Supervisor

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Details: Building off their achievement of pay parity in the U.S., Adobe has now closed the wage gap between our male and female employees in 80 percent of our employee population, including India and the US which are the two largest employee populations. Women now make $1.00 for every dollar earned by male employees in the U.S., up from 99 cents a year ago. As previously announced, non-white employees are earning as much as white employees.
Open Jobs: Research Scientist, Experience Designer, Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, Project Manager, Legal Counsel, Head of Customer Success, SMB Manager, Director of Privacy & more.
What Employees Say: “It is a place where you can build a long-term career, and work on amazing technologies. The people are great here; engaged, friendly, and professional. Work-life balance is excellent.” —Current Senior Product Manager

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Details: “Last year, we did an exhaustive review of compensation for our nearly 200 employees, and took steps to close pay inequities we uncovered for approximately three percent of our workforce,” says RealSelf. “We also do not ask prior salary history during our interview process to help prevent any unintended compensation bias in our hiring process. As a tech company we are somewhat unique as 60% of our workforce are women. In leadership, women make up 43%, and among tech roles, women are 34% – well above the norm.”

Lauren Sato, VP of People, RealSelf adds, “At RealSelf, we believe everyone should be treated equitably and fairly – and be celebrated for being their true self. We are committed to paying people equitably for equal work and experience. Last year our compensation review uncovered a pay gap for roughly three percent of our team and we took immediate steps to close the gap.”

Open Jobs: Customer Service Representative, Sr. Strategic Account Executive, B2C Marketing Analyst, Sr. Director of Email, Staff Accountant, Sr. Program Manager, Customer Experience Specialist & more.
What Employees Say: “There’s a clear vision/ direction and I am very optimistic about our growth trajectory. Above all, as I wrap up my work each day, I feel good that I am helping give our customers the confidence to be themselves by providing them with useful information and a great support system.” —Current Employee

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Details: In 2017, Intel announced that it had achieved 100% pay equality for both women and underrepresented minorities, according to the chipmaker’s 2016 diversity and inclusion report. “We view pay and promotion parity as signals of the overall health of our company as well as a means of ensuring equity for all employees,” wrote Danielle Brown, Intel’s chief diversity and inclusion officer.
Open Jobs: Cinematographer, Senior Account Executive, 3D Design and Animation Lead, Front End Engineer, Administrative Assistant, Graphics Software Engineer, Technical Account Manager & more.
What Employees Say: “Great training ground. The company has many world-class processes and is very disciplined. You will learn a lot and meet many smart people.” —Former Financial Analyst

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Details: Annually, Glassdoor evaluates the gender pay gap. As of 2017, Glassdoor found no statistical evidence of a gender pay gap among employees at Glassdoor, once we make an apples-to-apples comparison of employees in similar roles with comparable experience and backgrounds. The analysis follows all of the best practices we outlined in our recent guide: How to Analyze Your Gender Pay Gap: An Employer’s Guide.
Open Jobs: Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Head of Consumer Decision Science, Director of Product Marketing, Internal Communications Program Manager, Manager of Customer Success, Senior Manager of Marketing Events, Account Manager, Senior HR Generalist & more.
What Employees Say: “Great place to learn and grow your career. Fun/ useful product to sell, great people and company culture, and trust leadership as they have the best interest of their people. Very exciting time to be a part of the company.” —Current Account Executive

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Boston Scientific

Details: Beginning in 2014, Boston Scientific engaged an independent third party to conduct pay analyses. “In the few instances where we identified a gender disparity — which occurred in positions involving both men and women — we examined the circumstances and acted to increase pay where appropriate. And, for the U.S. and Puerto Rico, we found no pay disparities involving race or ethnicity,” wrote Wendy Carruthers, SVP of Human Resources, in an open letter to employees. “Our strong results reflect our longstanding practices to support a high-performance culture, including regularly benchmarking our global salaries, conducting internal parity audits and reviewing pay recommendations across the company as part of our annual compensation process. We will expand this work in 2018 with a global analysis of all employee pay, including manufacturing employees.”
Open Jobs: Systems Engineering Director, Biostatistician, Product Manager, Clinical Research Associate, Manufacturing Engineer, Field Clinical Representative, Territory Manager, R&D Engineer, IT Programmer, Process Engineer & more.
What Employees Say: “Excellent mission. Thoughtful orientation and onboarding process. Always thinking about improving the quality of life and saving lives of patients. Good Work/life balance. You can get involved in as much or as little extra projects for your development as you want.” —Current Employee

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Details: Salesforce was one of the first companies in the nation to audit its employee pay to determine if gaps still existed among employees. The company has spent $6 million over the past 2 years to address any unexplained difference in pay to eliminate the wage gap is and is committed to reviewing employee compensation on an ongoing basis to ensure that pay equality is a reality.
Open Jobs: Marketing Program Manager, Ohana Floor Exhibition Kitchen Chef de Cuisine, Resource Management Analyst, Community Leader, Corporate Development Senior Director, Enterprise Architect, Sales Compensation Senior Analyst & more.
What Employees Say: “As a Solution Engineer, pay is excellent. Bonuses/commissions are for the most part guaranteed especially starting with FY19. Seniors and below get overtime! 401k match up to $5k. Charity Donation match up to $5k. Being an SE out of San Francisco, we get the perks of having HQ with the amazing building amenities, cafes, snacks, fitness classes, access to product teams and leadership, technology kiosks, and conferences and marketing events such as Dreamforce, TrailheaDX, summits, and kickoffs.” —Current Senior Solution Engineer

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Details: According to analysis conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, Citi found that women are paid on average 99% of what men are paid and minorities are paid on average 99% of what non-minorities are paid. “As part of this year’s compensation cycle, we are making appropriate increases to help close the gaps for both women and US minorities. We will also adjust compensation for other individuals where the analysis determined increases were warranted.”
Open Jobs: Investment Associate, Part Time Teller, Area Lending Manager, Escrow Sales Senior Manager, Business Banking Area Manager, Executive Assistant, Home Lending Officer & more.
What Employees Say: “Great people to work with. Everyone is so friendly and happy to help. The company has good benefits but they do require a lot of work. The employees help each other meet quotas.” —Current Document Processor

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Details: At Microsoft, “for every $1 earned by men, our female employees in the U.S. earn 99.8 cents at the same job title and level. Racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. combined earn $1.004 for every $1 earned by their Caucasian counterparts. Breaking it down even further, African American/black employees are at $1.003; Hispanic/Latino(a) employees are at 99.9 cents; and Asian employees are at $1.006 for every $1 earned by Caucasian employees at the same job title and level, respectively.”
Open Jobs: Lead Data Engineer, Senior Program Manager, Account Manager, Lead Story Teller, Principal PM Manager, Senior Design Researcher, Account Technology Strategist & more.
What Employees Say: “Good leadership from the sales organization. Great benefits and the time off package give you the flexibility to have a great work/life balance.” —Current Customer Success Manager

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The British Museum 

Details: As a result of the push for transparency in the UK, organizations with more than 250 employees released their gender pay gap information. The British Museum reported that as of March 2017 there was no gender pay gap.
Open Jobs: Security Supervisor, Social Media Manager, Training Project Coordinator, Buying administrator, Filming Officer & more.
What Employees Say: Fantastic place to work, full of great people who are passionate and committed in a special environment. Worked on important projects.” —Former Events Officer

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Details: In 2014, Gap Inc. was the first Fortune 500 company to announce that it pays employees equally for equal work. The Exponential Talent analysis found that, controlling for relevant factors there is no significant gender wage difference between women and men at Gap Inc. within job codes globally and in any of the major retail geographies providing an “apples to apples” comparison of wages by gender.
Open Jobs: Sales Associate, Keyholder Specialist, Assistant Manager, Gap Online Promotions Producer, Stock Associate, Loss Prevention Service Representative, Visual Merchandising Specialist & more.
What Employees Say: “Work-life balance. Great culture within certain organizations. Summer Friday’s in NY. Ability to travel to corporate. Encouragement to gain market intelligence through funded training, seminars, roundtables and other events. Ability to work from home and flex your hours (get your work mentality, not butts in seats mentality). Events within company. Great colleagues.” —Current Senior Sourcing Manager

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Details: On Equal Pay Day 2017, Zillow proudly announced that they had closed the gender pay gap within Zillow Group. On average, women at the company earn $1.01 for every dollar a man makes in a comparable role. “As a company, we invest significant resources to ensure that women and men are paid equally across similar and same positions, and we’re transparent with our employees in sharing this analysis and data.”
Open Jobs: University Recruiter, IT Support Specialist, Software Engineer, Senior Writer on Data & Trends, senior Business Consultant, Manager of Accounts Payable & more.
What Employees Say: “Fantastic training, management team, and environment. Ample opportunity to move around the company. Career oriented sales organization. Innovative and committed to growth.” —Current Employee

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Source: [1]Demystifying the Gender Wage Gap, April 2016.

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