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11 Companies Offering Free Lunch


Let’s be honest: packing a lunch for work isn’t always easy—but eating at the corner café every day is a quick way to rack up a credit card bill. That’s just one reason why companies offering free lunches to their employees are so beloved. If you’d rather skip the sack (or a mounting credit card bill), here are 11 companies you’ll definitely want to apply to today. 


Overall Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Lehi, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and more

Details: Included among its many perks—think: subsidized transit and on-site yoga— also offers “healthy snacks, fresh fruit, a wide range of drinks, catered lunches, and other food options,” according to the company’s website. 

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2. Vistaprint

Overall Rating: 3.2

Where Hiring: Reno, Waltham, and more

Details: At Vistaprint, “you’ll find everything from free lunch trucks and snacks, fitness benefits, and of course the infamous ‘Vistabreak,’” the company writes on its website. 

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3. Spotify

Overall Rating: 4.2

Where Hiring: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, 

Details: Spotify offers both free lunches and snacks, according to its Glassdoor profile. 

One employee boasts in an online review that, “the food options are ridiculously delicious and free. Every Friday employees get a taste of international cuisines to switch it up.” 

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4. Squarespace

Overall Rating: 3.7

Where Hiring: New York

Details: According to Squarespace’s website, “at the office, we provide daily gourmet lunches, yoga sessions, and chair massages. And so many snacks.” Yum! 

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5. Lithium Technologies

Overall Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: Austin, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and more

Details: Lithium Technologies hosts free lunches as one of its perks on its Glassdoor profile, with one employee saying the meals are, “great, top quality free lunches and breakfasts.”

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6. Munchery

Overall Rating: 2.6

Where Hiring: New York, Redwood City, San Deigo, San Francisco, and more

Details: Free lunches and snacks are available to employees at Munchery, according to its Glassdoor profile. Employees concur, with one saying, “Lots of snacks and catered lunches.” 

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7. Chipotle

Overall Rating: 3.5

Where Hiring: Brentwood, Columbus, Denver, New York, Orlando, Tulsa, and more

Details: According to Chipotle’s website, “every employee gets a free shift meal.” And when they’re not working, employees enjoy a 50 percent discount on food and soft drinks too. 

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taco breakfast served by our culinary team

8. Zoë’s Kitchen

Overall Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Atlanta, Chandler, Plano, and more

Details: Not only does Zoë’s Kitchen offer its employees free lunches, according to its Glassdoor profile, but “you are encouraged to sit down with your work family and discuss life,” an employee writes. “This allows you to establish relationships that lead to trust.”

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9. Hyatt Hotels

Overall Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Aurora, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Smyrna, West Palm Beach, and more

Details: Employees report enjoying free breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Hyatt Hotels, while some say a nominal fee—$1 to $2 per meal—is required to eat at the properties. 

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10. Clearpath Lending

Overall Rating: 5.0

Where Hiring: Irvine 

Details: “ClearPath Lending provides family luncheons every Friday for our staff,” the company writes on its Glassdoor profile. “We also hold monthly company events to show our genuine appreciation for our employees.”

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11. Nutanix

Overall Rating: 4.3

Where Hiring: Durham, New York, San Jose, and more

Details: According to its Glassdoor profile, Nutanix offers employees free lunches and snacks. As one employee succinctly describes, “good food and coffee and plenty of it.”

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