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11 Companies That Will Pay for Your Vacation

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You’ve heard of paid time off, but what about PAID paid time off? Believe it or not, a growing number of companies don’t just allow you to take vacation days — they actually help pay for your travel expenses.

There’s a growing body of research showing that companies with generous vacation policies have more productive employees, lower employee healthcare costs and lower turnover, to name just a few benefits. And the following 11 companies are hip to this trend — that’s why they help fund employee travel.

Whether through travel stipends, reimbursements or steep discounts, these companies can help you take the vacation of your dreams.

1. TSheets

Company Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Eagle, ID; Boise, ID; San Francisco, CA

Program Details: Time tracking and scheduling software company TSheets provides employees with a $1,500 per year travel credit. There’s just one catch — “you have to completely disconnect while you’re on vacation: No calls, no emails, no Slack,” NBC News reports.

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2. Expedia

Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Bellevue, WA; San Diego, CA; Ann Arbor, MI; Orlando, FL and more

Program Details: As a travel site, perhaps it’s no surprise that Expedia encourages its employees to take vacation. Employees receive a travel reimbursement of $250-$750, depending on tenure, as well as discounts on retail and travel packages purchased through the site.

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3. BambooHR

Company Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Lindon, UT

Program Details: Work at HR software company BambooHR and you’ll receive paid, paid vacation — $2,000 per year to travel the world as you please. Employees have used the bonus to travel to Paris, Disney World, Hawaii and more.

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4. United Airlines

Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Chicago, IL; Newark, NJ; Washington, DC; Honolulu, HI and many more

Program Details: One of the most expensive parts of travel, especially if it’s long-distance, is the airplane ticket. United helps employees (and their immediate family!) overcome this barrier by offering discounted rates on airline tickets and unlimited standby travel on any United flight. Employees also report “discounts on most travel industry related services, car rentals, hotels, cruises, etc.”

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5. FullContact

Company Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Denver, CO

Program Details: Contact management platform FullContact believes so deeply that employee vacations benefit their business that they offer a whopping $7,500 per year for each team member to travel. The rules? No vacation, no money; you must disconnect; and you can’t work on vacation.

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6. Airbnb

Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; New Orleans, LA; Chicago, IL and more

Program Details: Employees at Airbnb receive quarterly employee travel coupons which total $2,000 per year — “enough to last a month at great listings,” according to one current employee.

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7. Moz

Company Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Seattle, WA

Program Details: In addition to 21 days annual paid time off, seven days of sick/safe leave and 10 paid holidays, employees at SEO & Marketing software company Moz receive a $3,000 per year vacation expense reimbursement.

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8. TripAdvisor

Company Rating: 3.4

Where Hiring: Needham, MA; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Las Vegas, NV and more

Program Details: TripAdvisor offers its employees a personal travel reimbursement of $250 or more, depending on tenure, as well as discounts on a variety of the packages offered through the website.

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9. SteelHouse

Company Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: Los Angeles, CA

Program Details: Employees who work at adtech company SteelHouse get $2,000 per year to go wherever they like. And if that weren’t enough, they also have a three-day weekend once a month.

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10. Evernote

Company Rating: 4.3

Where Hiring: Redwood City, CA; Austin, TX

Program Details: As the makers of a hit productivity app, Evernote knows that one of the best ways to boost employee productivity is to allow them time to recharge. To help them do so, Evernote offers unlimited vacation days and a $1,000 yearly vacation stipend.

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11. Travelzoo

Company Rating: 3.5

Where Hiring: New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA and more

Program Details: If you’re lucky enough to work at travel site Travelzoo, you’ll receive a $1,500 stipend and three extra days of PTO to “book a hotel stay, vacation package, cruise, or flight offer that we negotiate on behalf of our 28 million members worldwide,” according to Michael Stitt, President of Travelzoo North America.

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