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7 Companies With Amazing Office Rotation Options

Posted by Emily Moore

Last Updated Nov 29, 2017
|4 min read

"When it's time for leavin', I hope you understand... that I was born a ramblin' man." 

The Allman Brothers Band first sang these words back in 1973, but that doesn't mean they ring any less true today to those who find themselves consumed by wanderlust. Oftentimes, fulfilling your dreams of moving to a new city, state or even country means leaving your employer — but it doesn't have to. A handful of companies offer programs that allow employees to work out of, rotate between or even permanently transfer to offices across the country (and sometimes globe).

Do you get restless after staying in one place for too long? Do you want to explore new cultures, grow your skills and build your career? Do you want to be gainfully employed at a great company while you do so? Then it's time for you to apply to one of these seven companies.

1. ManTech

Company Rating: 3.5

Office Locations: Fairfax, VA; Summit Point, WV; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Honolulu, HI; United Kingdom; South Korea and many more

Rotation Details: ManTech, an IT contractor to the federal government, has opportunities located around the world and a dedicated team to help people take full advantage of them. Their Mantech Mobility Program helps employees who are ready for a new challenge or location smoothly transition to their next opportunity through a tailored process that connects them with the people and services they need to succeed.

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2. NFL

Company Rating: 3.7

Office Locations: Culver City, CA; New York, NY; London, England; Mexico City, Mexico and more

Rotation Details: Sports nuts, this one’s for you. The NFL’s Junior Rotational Program allows participants to work a variety of project-based assignments for six to twelve months at a time in different departments within the company, such as Events, Football Operations & Officiating, Communications & Public Affairs and International. Locations vary based on demand, but may include U.S.-based or even international offices.

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3. Deloitte

Company Rating: 3.8

Office Locations: New York, NY; Huntsville, AL; Sydney, Australia; Paris, France; Tel Aviv, Israel and many more

Rotation Details: As a global business services firm, Deloitte has clients based in approximately 150 companies around the world. And the lucky employees who work for them may have the opportunity to spend time in those different locations on a short-term, project-based or long-term basis, or even as an international transfer. One employee highlighted on their site has gone everywhere from Mexico City to France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and more.

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4. Abbott

Company Rating: 3.5

Office Locations: Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Plano, TX; Seattle, WA; Santa Clara, CA and more

Rotation Details: Abbott offers Development Programs for new grads in six different focus areas: Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Engineering and Environmental Health. Those selected into the program embark on a two- to three-year assignment and rotate between different functions, disciplines and office locations throughout the country.

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5. Edelman

Company Rating: 3.5

Office Locations: San Francisco, CA; London, England; Beijing, China; New York, NY; Washington, DC and many more

Rotation Details: Edelman’s Global Fellows Program is open to high-performing, high-potential employees in offices around the world. If selected, Global Fellows are transferred to an international location to work, live and learn for up to 18 months. Since 2010, dozens of employees have participated, traveling to locations like Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Moscow and more.

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6. HSBC Holdings

Company Rating: 3.5

Office Locations: London, England; Miami, FL; Düsseldorf, Germany; Jersey City, NJ and many more

Rotation Details: HSBC has an impressive number of programs, both intern and entry-level, that allow participants to work in a variety of different fields and locations. Several notable ones include their Commercial Banking Global Graduate Program, which focuses on areas like Relationship Management, Global Trade and Receivables Finance over 18 months; their Digital Global Graduate Program, which focuses on Retail Banking and Wealth Management across two years; and their Global Banking Internship, which focuses on Global Banking and Markets over 10 weeks. Locations for these programs may include countries like Argentina, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom and more.

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7. Emerson

Company Rating: 3.5

Office Locations: St. Louis, Missouri; Minneapolis, MN; Austin, Texas; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Singapore and more

Rotation Details: Through their Engineers in Leadership Program, Emerson selects eight to 18 candidates each year to participate in a two-year rotational program with two assignments over two years — one domestic, the other international. Those selected for the program are offered training, mentorship and connections to help identify their areas of interest and grow their careers.

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