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Why Company Culture Matters To Your Career & Company

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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March 12, 2010

Traveling to the West Coast this week I had the opportunity to meet with the executive team of a dynamic global company, GlobalEnglish, to discuss some recent work I completed for them in Moscow and the US. This is a company that not only have I found pleasure to work with as a vendor, but it is also a company that receives the same sentiment  and support from among the employees. This is a company with a compelling and honest company culture and that’s no small achievement.

During my discussions earlier this week, the CEO described the culture as friendly, open, focused and accountable…and he forcefully stated what was not allowed: hidden agendas, unfriendliness or uncooperative attitudes. This all makes sense and to most should be the way all companies act. But they don’t and thus the reason for Glassdoor. It is becoming more important for talent to research information on company culture. Equally important, companies must view their competitor’s culture, compare it to their own, and be willing to make appropriate changes. Culture matters because attracting and keeping the most qualified talent is imperative to a company’s success.

So why is this specific company’s culture so successful and why on the one hand am I so high on the company yet frustrated because they are not the norm? As with any company, the culture emanates from the CEO, the leader. No matter the size, how goes this individual so goes the rest of the organization. The CEO I met yesterday was sure of himself, but open to other ideas and perceptions. He is centered and communicates in the moment.

If you are looking for your next career opportunity, take the time to read employee reviews at Glassdoor and look for a balanced CEO. By doing your research on your next employer to make sure the company is the best fit for you, the more likely you will increase your chances of finding a great place to work.