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Congratulations, You Got A Job Offer. Now What?

Getting the call and hearing those magical words “you’re hired” is an exciting moment for any job seeker. But once the thought of getting a job offer fully sinks in, excitement turns into anxiety and a thousand questions come to mind. What should I do next? Should I accept the job or decline it? Getting a job offer comes with many choices. Here is how you can deal with ceasing or continuing with your job hunt.

Is it in writing?

Before making a final decision of accepting the job, get the offer in writing detailing salary, benefits, and start date. If you and your future employer negotiate some conditions of your offer, have the letter altered to reflect the new changes. Never resign from your current job or indicate you have a new job until it is in writing. Nothing is final until both you and the company have agreed to the terms and signed a contract.

To accept or not accept

It is easy to accept a job offer on the spot when you are excited. Step back and take a moment to fully think about the job. Know what you are getting yourself into. Did you get an uneasy feeling or experience during the interview process? Then it may not be your next place of employment. You have ask yourself questions like:

  • Does the company fit my ideal place of employment?
  • Can I see myself working there longer than one year?
  • Do I like the work environment at the company?

Once you know whether you are going to accept or decline the job, write a letter to the employer. If you are accepting the job offer, state your official start date and express how excited you are to join the company. Keep it brief, unless your future employer wanted more information from you. If you are going to decline a job offer, write a letter saying thank you for the opportunity and express that you are declining.

Remember, if you accept a job offer, tell other employers you have been talking to during your job hunt that you are no longer seeking employment.