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Consumer Cable Spending Down: Employees Hold Steady

In a down economy, many of us are thinking of ways to save on the everyday- eating more meals at home, giving up that daily Starbucks run (or at least limiting it to a few mornings a week) and decreasing our monthly cable bill.  Reports state that both Comcast and Time Warner Cable are seeing declines as a result of the economy, although the recently released Global Entertainment and Media Outlook study from PriceWaterhouseCoopers notes that the industry will recover by 2013, when it’s expected that $68.3 billion will be spent on basic TV services, up 33% from 2008.

While it does make some sense that families and individuals would cut back on some of the more expensive cable packages, it also seems logical that people could potentially justify the spend –  more time at home means less spent on going out to the movies.   So what does this mean for employees of these companies- are they worried about their jobs or do they feel confident they’ll make it through successfully to 2013?

In the Report below, you’ll see the company ratings for the top cable TV providers are pretty consistent, aside from DISH network, where employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and the company.   For many of the reviews on Glassdoor, we see employees comment on the state of the economy and what this means for their job now, and in the future.  But when it comes to the review from employees of cable providers, little is mentioned on recession or the impact it has had on their jobs.  Could this mean they aren’t worried about job security?  Or do other, more concerning aspects of the company like pay and adequate training,  take higher priority in the minds of employees?

What is clear is that employees of these cable organizations do see room for improvement- with the highest company rating coming in at 3.3 (neutral).

Glassdoor Report: Cable TV Providers

Company Rating

CEO Name

CEO Rating



Brian L. Roberts


Cox Communications


Pat Esser




Chase Carey


Time Warner Cable


Glenn A. Britt


DISH Network


Charlie Ergen