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9 Cool Companies With Unlimited Vacation

Tired of waiting to accrue days off in order to take a short family vacation? Do you have more plans than you’ve got PTO? It’s time to break free and consider a company with unlimited vacation time.

While start-ups have cornered the market on unlimited PTO policies, there are some big companies getting in on the trend. General Electric started to offer what it calls a “permissive approach” to paid time off such that there is no longer a limit set on the number of vacation, sick and personal days that executives and those in the so-called senior professional band may take.

Plus, the unlimited vacation policy extends beyond just Silicon Valley. From New York to Ohio, employees are enjoying a newfound freedom to plan the vacation schedule that works best for them.

If you’re considering a job change, check out these companies with unlimited vacation.

1. Glassdoor
Number of Open Jobs: 72

What Roles: Product Marketing Manager, Lead Data Scientist, Lead Technical Recruiter, Data Science Intern, Manager of Business Operations, Channel Account Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Machine Learning Engineer & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Mill Valley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; London, England; Dublin

What Employees Say: “Glassdoor is a great place for career growth, making friends, and experiencing new foods. I love our dog friendly office. It’s so fun! We’re also right beside the ocean which is just beautiful. One of my favorite parts about Glassdoor is our employer’s emphasis on employee wellness and work life balance. Unlimited PTO allows me to take sick days without stress and the freedom to work my own hours lets me schedule my day how I like it. We also have a personal trainer on-site 3 days a week. I’m obsessed with her class. But my favorite part about working for Glassdoor is I enjoy showing up to work every day. Although I have the option to work from home some days if I like (I have a long commute), I love coming to the office because my co-workers are my friends. We also have standing desks: major plus. I love you Glassdoor!” —Current Data Scientist 

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2. Groupon
Number of Open Jobs: 266

What Roles: Vendor Manager, Senior Desktop Support Analyst, Account Manager, Outside Sales Manager, Technical Program Manager, Software Engineer, HR Manager, Junior Business Analyst & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Chicago, IL; Palo Alto, CA; Madrid, Spain; London, England; Dublin & more.

What Employees Say: “Small business owners can be built with Groupon, but as an employee, your career can also be built by Groupon. Starting as a recent grad almost 6 years ago, I have been able to kick start my career by the exposure and opportunities here. Roll up your sleeves, dig in, and have a seat at the table, because Groupon welcome those that challenge the mundane.” —Current Employee 

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3. OpenX 
Number of Open Jobs: 92

What Roles: Talent Associate, Director of Product Management, Senior UX Researcher, Temp Project Coordinator, Senior Compensation Analyst & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Pasadena, CA; London, England; Menlo Park, CA: Krakow & more.

What Employees Say: “Fantastic co-workers, ability to do meaningful work, fast-paced but rewarding environment. Executives are open with information and encourage ideas, questions, and actions. I’ve had consistent and active feedback from my immediate manager. It helps my development to have a supportive manager who shares real-time encouragement and areas for improvement. I’ve been with OpenX for less than a year and have been able to work on meaningful projects. There are opportunities each day for me to utilize my experience and skills. The pace of ad tech is much faster than the industry from which I came. I love the flexible time off / vacation. The people in my department are knowledgeable, encouraging and cool.” —Current Employee 

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4. Workday 
Number of Open Jobs: 513

What Roles: Analyst Relations Manager, Senior Recruiter, PreSales Solution Consultant, Integration Consultant, Customer Success Manager, MBA Intern, Incident and Release Analyst, Corporate Strategist, Product Manager & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Pleasanton, CA; Singapore; Montreal; Hong Kong; Chicago, IL & more.

What Employees Say: “Workday is a fun and challenging place to work. Everyone there is top talent; Workday does not waste its time with mediocrity. Expect to have a lot expected of you and to be surrounded by people who strive to better themselves and learn something new every day. Also, the work/life balance and flexibility is as good as it gets. Work from home whenever you need to, as long as you get your job done.” —Former Senior Consultant

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5. Riot Games 
Number of Open Jobs: 42

What Roles: Technical Development Manager, Finance Director, Merch Web Content Associate, Training Delivery Specialist, Software Engineer, Executive Assistant & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Los Angeles, CA; Santa Monica, CA; Mexico; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Dublin; Jakarta & more.

What Employees Say: “Coming from big corporate, this was a huge breath of fresh air. The company is still young enough to be nimble, but big enough to put resources towards what it wants to accomplish. I feel comfortable being myself, and the people here all have something to nerd out about, even if it isn’t always games. The dress code is casual, but everyone is super passionate. It has the opportunity to make new things, and carve out your own mark. The campus is amazing. The meal plan has helped me be healthier than I’ve ever been (even though the pizza makes me want to choose otherwise), and I couldn’t imagine any other way to bond with my coworkers than using our awesome computer and peripherals to battle it out on any number of different games.” —Current Operations Employee 

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6. General Electric 
Number of Open Jobs: 342

What Roles: Patent Services Intern, Benefits Counsel, Senior Associate of Investments, Accountant, Staff Software Engineer, Project Management Analyst & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Cincinnati, OH; Washington, DC; Norwalk, CT; Niskayuna, NY; Menlo Park, CA & more.

What Employees Say: “Many companies these days say they are changing to be more modern… GE is doing it!!! Of course there are pockets moving slower than others but for the most part they are well into this journey… An exciting time to be at GE!!!” —Current HR Employee 

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7. Placester
Number of Open Jobs: 8

What Roles: Customer Success Manager, Account Services Representative, Senior Web Engineer, VP of Growth Marketing & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Boston, MA & Chicago, IL

What Employees Say: “Placester is currently, and has been a great company to work for. Management is extremely flexible when it comes to time off and there is plenty of room to grow in any position that you’re in. The negative comments stating that current employees are being “forced” to write positive reviews are completely bogus. I am certain that these comments are coming from employees who were terminated for acting unprofessional in the workplace.” —Current Sales Employee 

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sofi office

8. SoFi
Number of Open Jobs: 86

What Roles: Senior Product Designer, Executive Assistant, Financial Planner, Front Desk Administrative Assistant, Manager of Investor Relations, Automation Engineer & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Helena, MT; Cottonwood Heights, UT; Healdsburg, CA; San Francisco, CA & more.
What Employees Say: “Still has that startup spirit but with an underlying hint of maturity somewhere around the corner. Open office environment with plenty of chances to learn from others in different departments. As a finance company, you are exposed to the inner working of their products. Benefits are very good, including student loan repayment assistance and unlimited PTO. Love the free lunch in the LDAC dining hall and onsite gym.” —Current Employee

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9. UpRight Law
Number of Open Jobs: 13

What Roles: Sales Manager, Account Executive, Accounts Payable Specialist, Senior Account Executive, Client Services Executive & more.

Where They’re Hiring: Chicago, IL

What Employees Say: “I’ve been working at UpRight Law for almost a year now. I’ve grown very close with all of my coworkers and it truly feels like a family. UpRight prides themselves on their fun environment, and rightfully so. There are parts of every day where it doesn’t feel like I’m at work but joking with friends. Even the managers are part of the family. Instead of just talking about work, they ask about family/life events and truly care about you and your growth in your career. Their goal isn’t just for the company to grow, but for you to grow with the company.” —Current Senior Client Consultant

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Editor’s Note: The vacation policies of companies featured reflect information on Glassdoor and verified by the company’s website. The number of open jobs and roles are as of 5/15/2017. The companies and jobs highlighted in this article are curated by the editorial staff, listed in no particular order, and do not necessarily reflect the official methodology of Glassdoor’s official awards or honors. For more details about how companies and specific roles are considered for editorial coverage, please visit Glassdoor for Employers.

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