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Culture of Career Reciprocity – Give a Little to Get a Lot

I was taught early in my career to practice a ‘Culture of Reciprocity’ – the theme was simple…help others with no expectation of return and the rewards will be greater than you could have planned for. Over the years I have seen others practice this and have seen them grow in self-value, perceived value and real value.

I have been philosophical lately. The economic backdrop and our politicians in Washington D.C. have me thinking – a lot. There was a time in the late 70’s that somewhat resembled our current state of affairs including high unemployment, difficulties with the leaders of Iran, a President many are questioning and a future that doesn’t appear quite as bright as it has in recent years. Before we go on, be sure things will get better but also know that through the perseverance of struggle comes wisdom. We are much wiser today than we were 10 years ago.

We have blogged on the value of building relationships today for opportunities tomorrow (R.A.D.A.R) and have suggested that using our skills to solve problems in our work, schools, communities and Churches (Kneading the Dough) can lead to unexpected relationships of value and rewarding feelings of value. We work the way we live our lives and from others I have learned that practicing consistent values in both lead to unexpected rewards, thus the Culture of Reciprocity.

Companies interested in attracting quality talent should practice the same culture. A common thread of successful companies is their willingness to give to their communities and support causes that matter to employees. They make these actions personal and rewarding and as a result are unexpectedly rewarded in many ways.

If you are looking for work or a new career…if your company needs to attract quality talent please remember:

  • Establish relationships today for opportunities tomorrow
  • Use your strengths to solve problems in your community to build relationships of value
  • Practice helping others with no expectation of return – you will be rewarded

As individuals and companies today we have fantastic opportunities to position ourselves for a growing market. It may or may not grow to heights experienced in the recent past during our lifetime but will expand. We will gain wisdom today if we work together to help each other in our work and in our search for work. And the rewards felt today, the wisdom gained will be repaid many times over.  A ‘Culture of Reciprocity’ requires faith in each other – something we could all use at the end of the day.