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Make The Best Decision Ever By Joining Glassdoor’s Decision Science Team

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There’s more to data than just numbers and code. A true data scientist has to make decisions and glean insights from the data. Enter: Decision Science.

At Glassdoor, the Decision Science team is responsible for data-driven decision-making across the company through analytics, testing and optimization. In short, the members of this team are the “keepers of truth” when it comes to data and decision-making. At the helm of the team is Salim Parpia, Senior Director and Head of Decision Science. The Berkeley grad has been at Glassdoor for a little over three years and in that time has worked to transform how we use data and analytics across the company, from Product to Sales.

Parpia is on the hunt for true data enthusiasts. People who not only have strong analytical skills, but also the ability to work with and empower a team. The roles he’s hiring for are Manager of Decision Science, Senior Manager of Dat Engineering and Senior Data Scientist, Decision Science.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Read more about the roles below and apply now!

What kind of background or experience are you looking for?

Salim Parpia: We currently have folks from Stats, Computer Science, Engineering, Econ and Physics backgrounds.  The Decision Science team is unique in that we are looking for technical folks that have a passion for solving business problems and helping various stakeholders throughout the company make better, informed, data-driven decisions. We are looking for candidates that have worked in Internet, social network, ad tech, e-commerce and gaming companies.

What makes Decision Science at Glassdoor so exciting?

Salim Parpia: We have a wealth of incredible data from users and employers and use analytics to drive data-driven strategy and decision-making across various parts of the company through predictive analytics, testing and optimization.  For example:

  • We work with the Product team to build and refine data products, such as personalization to power the site and internal products, such as fraud detection, to improve our business efficiencies
  • We work with the Sales team to score and prioritize leads
  • We work with the Marketing team to build media models, and optimize spend to increase pipeline
  • We work with the Marketplace to understand elasticity of supply and demand

If gaining exposure to a wide variety of business functions across a fast-growing company excites you, this is the place to be.

If you could design an ideal candidate who would thrive at Glassdoor, who would that be?

Salim Parpia: An ideal candidate would be someone who is results-driven and passionate about winning; someone who loves data, gleaning insights from data and making decisions based on data.  A person who has the ability to balance sophistication with simplicity, scientific rigor with pragmatism and agility with quality would thrive on the Decision Science team at Glassdoor.

What are the keys to success for these roles?

Salim Parpia:

  • Strong applied analytics: This means you love data, gleaning insights from data and making decisions based on data
  • Leadership skills: The ability to partner with executives, business stakeholders and product managers to define roadmaps
  • Technical skills:  Hands-on experience working with large data-sets, modeling and statistics using SQL, R or Python and Tableau

How would these new team members be challenged?

Salim Parpia: We have a number of interesting questions we are trying to solve: what is the lifetime value of our customer, what is the return on our online and offline advertising dollars, what are the various different personas of Glassdoor users. The ideal candidate will also be challenged to work with some level of ambiguity to figure out what is worth investigating. Part of the job is to figure out what we should be working on next and what impact that will have on the business.

What has inspired you when working at Glassdoor?

Salim Parpia: Glassdoor’s mission is to help people everywhere find a job they love.  I believe that so much of a person’s personal life satisfaction is dependent on their work satisfaction. By working at Glassdoor, I can help contribute toward someone’s happiness and satisfaction in life. This is inspiring, motivating and energizing to me.

Best products or projects you’ve worked on?

Salim Parpia: Some of my best work has not only been project-specific, but it has been diving deeper into our vast repository of data. Our work has given us a deeper understanding of different types of candidates and their journey through the job search. We’ve been able to see how Glassdoor influences candidate behavior and provides for a better, more informed applicant. 

Then, our work estimating the number of open jobs in the United States. Discovering what types of jobs are open by location and occupation. Plus, how much do these jobs pay. We have delivered more transparency than ever before.

As a wrap-up, what’s your best pitch for why someone should join you at Glassdoor?

Salim Parpia: The most exciting part of my job is working with amazing, smart, driven and kind people. I am amazed by the caliber of people who work at Glassdoor. The work environment and culture fosters good collaborative relationships and sharing ideas to achieve the common goal of helping people find a job that they love.


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