Will Deloitte Employees Jump Ship When the Economy Rebounds? July Review of the Month

According to Deloitte analysts, “companies will face a tsunami of defections, just as they are working to rebuild their workforces and take advantage of the recovery. And while a certain amount of voluntary turnover is inevitable, there are steps organizations can start taking now to hold onto their top talent and keep future turnover to a manageable level in the upturn.” This comes from a recent Deloitte press release that takes on the debate of whether an economic upturn will create employee retention issues.

Deloitte Reviews – Glassdoor Review

One recent  Deloitte review from a staff auditor in Tampa, FL offers some compelling feedback that we selected as the July review of the month (author will get $500)

Starting with the employee’s advice to senior management:

“You may pull out all the stops as an audit team, meet all the budgets and deadlines, and cut your fees, but what good is it if you are always losing staff, seniors, and managers to better-paying, less stress, and overall better job satisfaction roles?”

“Focus on the individuals that make the company great through their own personal sacrifices and I truly believe that will work its way up through the company and the business will grow itself.”

However that said, it looks like a career at Deloitte may arm employees with the ‘right’ tools to take on any job or business discussion. The reviewer comments, “If nothing else from this career, you will (or at least should) learn to speak clearly, concisely, and confidently to anyone of the business world.”

This comment strikes a chord given that the recent Deloitte press release  notes, “There are top performers and critical workforce segments that have the skills to succeed anywhere, and will likely be poached once the economy improves.”

Perhaps a little bit of extra gratitude will keep these employees committed to the company given that the Glassdoor reviewer points out, “At the end of the engagement or deadline, I believe some form of benefit or anything beyond a passing ‘thanks’ should be given to the team.”

But be prepared to do what it takes to get to that all-mighty role in the business world. The review notes, “D&T emphasizes work-life balance and also commitment to the client. However, at the end of the day, the client commitment will always win. Whatever deadline is set will always be met by the audit team, and the team is always forced to do whatever is necessary (which is fair, it is a job).”

Any other Deloitte employees have perspective? What’s working at Deloitte and what needs improvement? You can complete your own review here.