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Disney Employees Warn Marvel Colleagues

The Walt Disney Co. announced Monday that it will buy Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion in cash and stock, and the deal is expected to close at the end of this year. Various news announcements spoke about the approximately 5,000 Marvel characters that would now be part of the Disney Corporation, but few spoke about the impact of this announcement on employees. What does this mean for Marvel employees – should they be wary about working for Disney? We turn to recent Disney employee company reviews to find out the good and the bad of working for the Mouse.

First, if you’re a Marvel employee wondering how or if your pay will be affected, have a look at what current Disney salaries are like:

Disney Salaries – Glassdoor Salary

To truly get a sense of it’s like to walk the halls of Disney, here are just a few employee insights on their job and the company:

Half of mental energy goes to managing the politics, other half to the actual job at hand. – Disney Vice President (Location n/a)

Sometimes they look for things in people and the people don’t even know it’s expected of them. That is difficult when you are doing what you think is a good job and you aren’t getting any performance feedback. – Disney Location Planning Specialist (Orlando, FL)

In advice to senior management, a Senior Financial Analyst (North Hollywood, CA) suggests: Break down walls, look for more synergy. Create rotating programs. Encourage overseas opportunities.

It is important to note that CEO Bob Iger received a 77% approval rating, placing him among the top 30 highest rated CEOs among those with at least 25 reviews or more. In addition, employees give the company 3.4 (neutral) rating when it comes to job satisfaction. Here’s a quick overview from a Disney Manager (Burbank, CA) about the benefits of working for Disney:

  • Get the Disney name on your resume.
  • Get to get into Disneyland or Walt Disney World for free, but note that they have black out days so you cannot always go the day you want. Oh, and if you go too many times (or your family members do) then they will send you a warning that you are going too much.
  • Your peers will usually be fun to work with.
  • Most non-Disney employees will be impressed that you are or have been a Disney employee.
  • It’s easy to be motivated to do a good job because you like what Walt stood for.

For more insights into Disney, see these other recent company reviews:

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If you are a current Marvel or Disney employee, keep us posted on how the acquisition affects your job and the company.