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Looking For Your Dream Job? First Get Optimistic With Your Current Job

A great deal of emphasis has been put on finding your dream job lately. And by lately I mean over the past 12 years or so. I believe strongly that really enjoying what you do is very important to a balanced and happy life and think everyone should strive to find that elusive dream job. Ahhh – there’s the rub, it seems that what makes a dream job so important and such a goal is that it appears few have found that perfect dream job and the rest of us, the majority, want what it seems we can’t have.

As John Sumser has pointed out in his posts there are certainly ways to obtain what seems unobtainable. But again, that seems a recipe for the few while the rest of us get jealous and spend our time dreaming of that wonderful dream job. I wonder if the dream is all it’s made out to be…ever hear “the grass is greener on the other side of the hill”? It’s true and we know it. We accomplish something and begin to look elsewhere – forward or backward for the next great thing or job.

Again, I’m all for dreaming about the perfect job, but let’s consider that maybe our current work can be our dream job. Some of you, or many of you, may think I’m crazy as you sit at the desk at the company you hate, with the boss you dislike doing the job ‘anyone’ could do. I got it, but also believe that getting the right attitude in your current job is very important to landing your dream job.

Maybe our current work can be our dream job.

So here are a few things you can do to make your current position better, insure you have the right attitude and who knows your dream job may surprise you and knock on your door.

  1. List everything you like about your current work. No, not just a couple of things – EVERYTHING YOU LIKE. Negatives not allowed
  2. Describe how you are perceived at work and be truthful. If you don’t like your work it will show as a negative and negative will not help you find your dream job.
  3. List actions you can take to enjoy and appreciate your work. Yep, know it’s hard but why not concentrate on enjoying whatever it is you do.

Ok this may be the Pollyanna approach to some, but whether we like it or not work is work, and no matter what we do we should strive to do it well with a positive attitude and with enjoyment. Cause the people around you, at all levels, will respect your positive attitude enough that they will want whatever it is helping you appreciate and enjoy your work – it’s attitude. And who knows one who appreciates you today may be the one recommending you for your dream job in the future.