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9 Eco-Friendly Companies Hiring Now

Commitment to being eco-friendly and caring for our Earth is a huge value to many job seekers in 2018. If you’re earth-conscious, you won’t be able to work for a company that doesn’t share that same vision for caring for the environment.

To help streamline your job search, we’ve put together a list of the top nine eco-friendly companies that are currently hiring–that way you can focus on applying to jobs where you know your values will align with the work you’re doing!

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1. Mercury Marine

Overall Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Wisconsin, Florida, Connecticut, Michigan, and Minnesota

How They’re Eco-Friendly: As the leading manufacturer of recreational marine propulsion systems, Mercury Marine promotes sustainable use of resources in development of and manufacturing products.

What Employees Say: “I really enjoy working here. Pay is Good. Benefits are good. It’s just a great company to work for,” says a current employee.

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2. REI

Overall Rating: 3.8

Where Hiring: Bellevue, WA; Hingham, MA; Newark, DE; Kennesaw, GA; Reno, NV; Anchorage, AK, Carle Place, NY & more.

How They’re Eco-Friendly: REI has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and holds its authenticity to be true to the outdoors and provide quality, eco-friendly products as a core company value.

What Employees Say: “I’ve been with REI as a full time employee at HQ for 2 months and so far it has beat my expectations. The people I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with are clear with intention, collaborative, listen and share their knowledge and time generously. The leadership is accessible and engage in conversation. The benefits are great. I have wanted to work at REI for some time, and I consider myself fortunate to be an employee of a company that respects the environment and me,” writes a current IT Project Manager.

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3. Seventh Generation

Overall Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: Burlington, VT

How They’re Eco-Friendly: The company believes in the saying, “green is good” and is committed to offering environmentally friendly and nontoxic products.

What Employees Say: “The company culture is the best. Authentic, caring, fun, and friendly group of coworkers,” says a current, anonymous employee.

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4. McCormick

Overall Rating: 3.5

Where Hiring: Maryland

How They’re Eco-Friendly: McCormick & Company is dedicated to improving the health and well being of people and environmental communities, as noted in their Purpose-Led performance reports.

What Employees Say: “Strong culture of people-focus, and commitment to community,” says a current employee.

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david perry our ceo and geoff von maltzan a co founder5. Indigo

Overall Rating: 4.4

Where Hiring: Massachusetts, Tennessee

How They’re Eco-Friendly: The company mission is to harness nature in order to help farmers sustainably feed the planet in order to make farming an economically sustainable and accessible career.

What Employees Say: “Great initiative and mission. The company is exciting to work for and very fast paced. Indigo is trying to revolutionize the farming world through production contracts incentivizing farmers with fantastic growing premiums,” says a current Account Manager.

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6. North Wind

Overall Rating: 4.2

Where Hiring: Omaha, NE; Idaho Falls, ID; Greenville, SC; Phoenix, AZ; Knoxville, TN & more.

How They’re Eco-Friendly: North Wind is an environmental consulting firm with a mission is to keep the air clean, the ground fresh, and the water clear in North America.

What Employees Say: “Great people, Great CEO, Great offices, excellent pay, excellent benefits, doesn’t get much better than this!” says a current employee.

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7. Allergan

Overall Rating: 3.5

Where Hiring: Boston, MA; Goleta, CA; Irvine, CA; Jersey City, NJ; London, England & more.

How They’re Eco-Friendly: “Bringing the best of medicine to life” is the mission statement for Allergan, which is committed to helping its patients live their life to the fullest and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

What Employees Say: “Good work-life balance. Great opportunities for advancement. Over time available. Many reward and incentive programs along with good benefits,” says a current employee.

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our great co workers


Overall Rating: 3.7

Where Hiring: Philadelphia, PA; Renton, WA; San Diego, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Dallas, TX; Pittsburgh, PA & more.

How They’re Eco-Friendly: With a business focused on minimal packaging and furniture assembled at home, IKEA is a top furniture retailer with an eco-conscious mind.

What Employees Say: “The company of IKEA as a whole is AMAZING. The humanitarian opportunities and sustainability efforts are something to make you proud working for them. The culture is great,” writes an anonymous employee.

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9. Adobe Systems

Overall Rating: 4.3

Where Hiring: Seattle

How They’re Eco-Friendly: Part of the company’s mission statement includes creating an inclusive, open, and actively engaged company with its customers, partners, employees, and the communities they serve.

What Employees Say: “It is a place where you can build a long-term career, and work on amazing technologies. The people are great here; engaged, friendly, and professional. Work life balance is excellent,” says a current Senior Product Manager.

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