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Using Your Email & Comment Signature To Sell Yourself

We introduce ourselves in such polite vanilla ways to the world, to our professional online networks, and in emails or comments.

Yet amid the thriving almost overcrowded social media scene, each signature we place can create a baby billboard to sell ourselves — our time, our services, our business.

Your signature, after all, says a lot about you – or it should.

Laura Stamps uses one describing herself as “paranormal erotica novelist (witches, vampires, shapeshifters)” and her last line notes that her Kindle and PDF ebooks cost $1.99.  A former poet who has written more than 45 books including “The Witches of Dixie” and “A Vampire’s Kiss,” Stamps uses her blog, Facebook and especially her email signature to engage fans – and sell books.

“An email sig is your best sales person.  It should be short and tell prospects what you do, where to find your products, and include your best sales feature/trigger to encourage them to buy.  Can’t get any better than that,” said Stamps. “My sig sells more books for me than any ad or any other marketing tactic.”

Even if you’re not selling anything now, your email signature serves as your business card. As connecting points, include your phone number, Twitter handle and email. Yes, it makes sense to list email if you think someone’s going to copy it in their database or contacts

Here’s some ways to make your email signature stand out:

Professionalism. Establish credentials with a short description of who you are, or who your clients are. Instead of the tired term like senior accountant, try something like numbers ninja or blazing bean counter (not for those who work with one of the big accounting firms). If you’ve won a major award in your field, mention it. Use your LinkedIn URL, and a blog address if it relates to your day job.

Product. Be clear on what you offer. Most people have no idea what my side social business does. So I  developed a tagline saying Mity Nice provides “joy and jobs through Italian ice.”  Likewise, mention that you give speeches and consult with CEOs or sell all natural cosmetics.

Personality. Come up with something short that speaks to who you are: A quick quote, a reminder to go green or motto you live by.  For Laura Stamps, that includes a mention of her “verrrrry naughty blog” and her moniker SexWitch. Yours might not be as steamy, but it needs to stand out.

Two things to avoid on signatures: sentiments that are too racy or provocative (unless like Stamps you write sexy stories) or overtly political or religious. And, a signature line that’s as long as this blog post, so your main message gets lost.

Do develop a few sigs for different sites. “I change it often, depending on where I’m posting” Stamps says. Be careful to follow the TOU, that’s Terms Of Use, for each social networking site, so you don’t get your derriere kicked out of there.

Instead, show up again and again to seize this opportunity to add sizzle and a clear pitch in your sig.