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Employees Dish About Comcast And NBC Universal

In the midst of public scrutiny over Comcast’s efforts to buy NBC Universal, the Federal Communications Commission hosted a seven-hour hearing in Chicago Tuesday in which FCC staffers and at least one FCC commissioner heard from Comcast competitors, NBC affiliates and the general public about their concerns on the deal. During part of the meeting it was announced that the merger talks are being extended for another four and a half months.

So as the merger talks linger on, we were curious to find out what the employees think about each company.  What are their concerns?

As the discussion heats up in the public arena on the impending takeover of NBC Universal from its existing majority owner, General Electric, Comcast employees are sounding off on Glassdoor about what it’s like to work for the cable giant, and NBC Universal employees are chiming in about what’s great about their jobs and areas that need improvement.

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When it comes to CEO approval rating, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, receives 70% approval, two percentage points higher than General Electric’s Jeff Immelt (68% approval) and eight percentage points more than NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker (62% approval). Glassdoor’s CEO approval rating is based on employee feedback on how the CEO is leading the company.

Interestingly, employees of both Comcast and NBC Universal give their employers the same company satisfaction rating (3.2), which means that most employees think the company is ‘OK’. But what happens when we dig down beyond the ratings to find out what it’s really like to work for Comcast? Here Comcast employees dish on what to expect working for the nation’s largest provider of cable services. First we start with the areas that may need some improvement:

“It’s such a big company that the left arm does not know what the right arm is doing. No matter what project you are working on, someone else somewhere in Comcast is working on a similar task, so you always end up competing internally against another group.” – Comcast Software Engineer (Philadelphia, PA)

“A good job for those who will sell their soul for money. Their success is because they have great products, not how they run the business.” – Comcast Business Account Executive (Fife, WA)

“Full of people who are in managerial roles that they spend time calling endless meetings trying to justify their role. They wouldn’t recognize innovation if it hit them in the face.” – Comcast Anonymous (Washington D.C.)

With a 3.2 company rating and a proven business record, there are many things that seem to be working well. In fact, if you look deeper into the company ratings for Comcast, employees’ show they are most satisfied with work/life balance (3.6) and compensation and benefits (3.5). Here’s why:

“Benefits are great, reviews are regular and I receive lots of feedback from managers. CA&R has great mentors you would be lucky to work for.” – Comcast Senior Accountant (Philadelphia, PA)

“I really do feel that the supervisors I have been privileged to work under really care about me and want me to do well and that is very important for me as an employee.” – Comcast Business Services Support (Houston, TX)

“I have [sic] been with this company for 3 years and I have to say that this is the next best thing to a union job at the big three.” – Comcast Direct Sales Representative (Detroit, MI)

And if Comcast is looking to learn what NBC Universal employees think is going well or needs work, they can turn to Glassdoor for some first-hand insights:


“Great place to learn media technology and to get hands on experience.” – NBC Universal employee (Miami, FL)

“Great opportunity to develop in the media industry. Learn sales techniques in the distribution of informational content such as news and entertainment.” – NBC Universal Information Management Leadership Program (New York, NY)

“Very cooperative and innovative staff. It is fun to collaborate with everyone and [sic] work together. Latest in terms of technology.” – NBC Universal Technical Operations (location n/a)


“Giant conglomerate couldn’t care less about the individual people working there. You are just an anonymous cog in the huge machine.” – NBC Universal IT Director (Universal City, CA)

“It’s so large yet somehow seems to never have enough money in their budget to fully staff positions that your department needs to have manned in order to accomplish the goals you are tasked to do.” – NBC Universal Interactive Project Manager (New York, NY)

“Nobody takes you seriously if you do not share the same opinions as everyone else.” – NBC Universal Producer (location n/a)

Comcast’s deal to buy Universal is expected to close at the end of the year.

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What do you think about the Comcast / NBC Universal deal?