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One in Five Employees Fear Being Laid Off In Next Six Months; Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey (Q113)


Employees may be feeling better about how their companies will perform in the coming months, but the same can’t be said for how they feel in terms of their personal employment situation.

According to Glassdoor’s Q113 Employment Confidence Survey¹, nearly half of employees (45%) including those who are self-employed believe their company’s business outlook will improve in the next six months, a five percentage point increase since last quarter. However, despite rising employee optimism around company outlook, nearly one in five employees (19%) are concerned they may be laid off in the next six months.

One in four employees (25%), including those who are self-employed, think it is unlikely they’d be able to find a job in the next six months matching their experience and compensation levels should they lose their current job. Those unemployed but looking for work are also increasingly less optimistic (31% in Q113, down six percentage points) this quarter than those employed (39% in Q113, down two percentage points).

Marissa Mayer Influence Kicking In?

During Q113, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made headlines when she banned employee telecommuting. Now, it seems she’s not the only one cutting back on perks. Among employees who saw cutbacks in the past six months, more than one in ten (16%) said their company took away perks, up five percentage points and at its highest level over the past four quarters. Plus, among employees who reported positive changes at their company over the past six months, 56% said their company awarded new perks (such as the option to work remotely or have flexible work hours), down nine percentage points from last quarter.

So the question now is: Is this the Marissa Mayer effect? It’ll be interesting to see if this is a trend that continues. 

Top External Factors Influencing Employee Confidence

This quarter’s survey also reveals how a variety of external factors influence an individual’s personal employment situation. According to employees, among the top external factors that influence their confidence in their personal employment situation are:

  • National Economic News (38%)
  • Regional Economic News (34%)
  • New Government Legislation (26%)
  • Indecisions among Lawmakers in Washington, DC (26%)

The table below also shows how several external factors impact employee confidence differently versus those unemployed but looking for work: 

See more from the Q113 Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey  in our press release and survey supplement which includes data breakdowns by age, gender and income.

¹ The Glassdoor Employment Confidence survey is conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Glassdoor. The quarterly survey monitors four key indicators of employment confidence: salary expectations, job security, re-hire probability and company outlook. The Q113 survey also includes results on how various external factors influence an individual’s confidence in their personal employment situation.