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What Employees Really Have to Say About Working At Yahoo

Over the weekend, The New York Times published a story examining employee morale at Yahoo, including how employees feel CEO Marissa Mayer has led the company since taking over more than three years ago. As part of the story, Glassdoor data was requested to help shed light into employee sentiment, and we responded by providing a comprehensive data set diving into employee opinions about working at Yahoo over the past seven years. Only a small portion of this data was included in the story, but there’s much more to consider when evaluating Yahoo and its leadership so we’ve shared some more of the insights we provided to The New York Times.

So what do Yahoo employees really think of working at the tech giant, under Marissa Mayer and how has this sentiment changed over the years? We turn to the more than 2,200 Yahoo company reviews, shared by employees, on Glassdoor for perspective.

Overall, Yahoo’s company rating is a 3.5 (based on a 5-point scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied), and Mayer’s overall CEO approval rating is 72% approval among Yahoo employees (as of 12/21/15, when the data was delivered to the NY Times). For perspective, this is slightly higher than the average company rating on Glassdoor of 3.3, and the average CEO approval rating of 66% approval, based on the 445,000 companies featured on site. However, when compared to a few other tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft, Yahoo and Mayer’s ratings trail as indicated in the data table below. Looking at the data, you can also see how Yahoo compares when looking at the five workplace factor ratings, along with the business outlook rating, noted in the NY Times story (Note, click image to increase size).

Yahoo Overall Company Ratings Comparison

In addition, when looking further into Yahoo quarter by quarter over the past seven years, it’s interesting to note how Yahoo employee sentiment has changed over time, including how sentiment towards CEO leadership has changed. Though Mayer’s CEO approval rating has dipped over the past three years, her current CEO approval rating (73% approval during Q415) remains higher than several of her predecessors.

Yahoo Company & CEO Approval Ratings by Quarter

When diving into what Yahoo employees have to say, we also see some consistent themes on what’s working well (pros) and what could be improved (cons) at the company. Below are some highlights of the themes that really resonate, according to feedback shared by Yahoo employees. Also included is a word cloud capturing these common themes and keywords shared by Yahoo employees.


  • Smart peopleis called out in 172 reviews. For example: “Smart people who work hard.”
  • Free foodis mentioned in 229 reviews. For example: “Great benefits including free food at all hours, free phones and laptops, occasional filed trips and parties plus your phone bills are paid.”
  • Work environmentis called out as a pro in 166 reviews. For example: “good compensation – good working environment”


  • Senior Managementis called out in 94 reviews. For example: “Current senior management have no real plan for long term growth.”
  • Upper Managementis called out in 55 reviews. For example: “Upper management constantly changing focus and direction.”
  • Decision makingis called out in 49 reviews. For example: “Lack of clear decision making.”

Yahoo Word Cloud

At Glassdoor, we feel it is important to provide a broad context of employee opinions at Yahoo and at all companies.

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