Glassdoor Updates

Enhanced Employer Profiles Give Companies A Voice On Glassdoor

You may start to notice some differences on Glassdoor company profile pages starting today as companies begin to take advantage of our newest feature, Enhanced Employer Profiles.  We’ve long said that one of things that makes Glassdoor most valuable is the participation by employees, job seekers and employers.  These Enhanced Employer Profiles give companies the chance to take greater ownership over their employment brand on Glassdoor and showcase why others would want to work there.

We believe that by putting company-provided information alongside user-generated content about the company’s work environment, pay information and job interviews questions and reviews, we can offer people a 360-degree view of what’s it’s really like inside a company.

In an Enhanced Employer Profile, employers can show job seekers what job openings are available in the areas close to them, incorporate photos of workplaces or links to company videos giving a feel for what the company culture is like, and share the latest company updates via a direct feed from company Facebook® and TwitterTM accounts as well as direct from a company blog.

While companies have control over the specific content they sponsor on the site, in no way will that influence or restrict content provided by our anonymous users.  Here is an example of how Orbitz is optimizing their profiles on Glassdoor:

Other companies that have enhanced  profiles on Glassdoor immediately include: Accenture, Adobe, Ernst & Young, GEICO, L’Oreal, Shutterfly and Zillow.

We’re really excited about this step forward to help employers cut through all the noise and reach an active community of career-minded people hungry for information about jobs and companies. If you are an employer and you’re curious to see what an Enhanced Employer Profile can do for you, email us at employers [at] glassdoor [dot] com. If there are other features on Glassdoor you would like to see, we would love to hear your suggestions or feedback.