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What does the gender pay gap really mean for you and others? Use Glassdoor's resources to help ensure equal pay for equal work everywhere.

The Impact of the Gender Pay Gap

In 2019, women earn $0.79 for every $1.00 men earn. Slow progress is being made to close the gap, but women are still impacted in ways you may not realize. They’re denied thousands of dollars each year, which adds up to major financial loss over decades.

Women Everywhere Are Affected. Know the Facts.

Glassdoor research shows the gender pay gap exists globally in every industry. We’re committed to helping close the gap – and you play an important role too. Learn More.

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Today's Global
Gender Pay Gap

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Pay Equality Timeline

Take Action. How You Can Help Close The Pay Gap

Get Informed

1. Get Informed.

Understand pay gap facts and what they mean for you.
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2. Know Your Worth.

Find out what you should be earning based on current pay trends where you live.
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3. Weigh In.

Anonymously share your salary and help others know what they should be paid.
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Get Paid Fairly

To help ensure equal pay, you need to know what you should be earning based on your skills and experience. Use our advanced salary calculator to get a free, personalized salary estimate based on current pay trends.

Use These Resources. Create Change.

Let's be more strategic about our plans...

How to Negotiate Your Salary

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How to Ask for a Pay Raise

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How to Know if You’re Underpaid

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Do Pay Gaps Exist at Your Company?

Glassdoor has developed a free pay auditing tool that allows companies to see if there are differences in pay between men and women. If companies aren’t aware pay gaps exist, it slows the march toward pay equality.

Employers, Take the Glassdoor Equal Pay Pledge

Join the thousands of companies committed to paying equitably for equal work & experience.
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Stand out as a leader

9 in 10 employees from around the globe believe men and women should be paid equally for equal work and experience.

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Share your dedication to closing the gender pay gap on your Employer Profile with an Equal Pay Pledge badge.

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Join a growing group of prominent companies committed to paying fairly for equal work and experience.

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