Glassdoor Updates

Even Students Deserve an Inside Look

I’ve seen a lot of interest from students who want to check out our reviews and salaries – and why wouldn’t you?!   If you’re a student, our “employee generated content” offers you an inside look at some of the largest, most reputable companies in the world – and we’ll cover just about every company you could ever imagine coming to campus.  And most importantly, all this information is available on a student budget (in other words, it’s all free!).

We always knew that Glassdoor would be an invaluable resource for students, so when I read this blog post about college grads settling into their first job – it really hit home just how useful we could be.  The post encourages all you recent college grads to take cues from your co-workers and ask questions of your managers – all great advice.  But wouldn’t it be better to take some of these cues and get some of those questions answered before you’ve even started?  Which is exactly why we’re here.  Think of it – your potential co-workers and managers are already talking on Glassdoor, and they’re giving you more than enough information not just to fit in once you get there, but to figure out if you should even go there in the first place.

So for those of you preparing for interviews (and hopefully evaluating offers!), we wanted to make sure you have access to everything Glassdoor has to offer.  Typically we require our members to post a review or salary of their own before getting full access, but for all you students – simply email from your .edu address and we will set you up with a free student account.  Like I said, we’re here to help!