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10 Hot Jobs With The Fastest Growing Pay

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On New Year’s Eve one of my favorite things to do is watch the fireworks. The way those brightly colored rockets of light shoot up high in the air and dazzle masses of onlookers with synchronized bursts and sparkles. It always amazes me how fast and how high the fireworks are shot in the sky, seeming to mimic meteors or rocket ships.

Interestingly, or perhaps oddly, enough, this also reminds me of a handful of professions whose wages have also seen a meteoric rise in the past year. 

According to job site Glassdoor, the annual median base pay in the United States grew 1.1 percent year over year (YOY) in December 2017 to $51,210. The Glassdoor Local Pay Reports show pay growth ticked up slightly from a revised 1.0 percent growth last month. Pay growth peaked in January 2017 at a revised 3.5 percent.

However, there are 10 job titles who saw even more wage growth than that. No, data scientists, investment bankers or lawyers are not on this list. The everyday worker, whether in healthcare or retail, is seeing faster pay growth than some of the more specialized, often touted professions.

The Glassdoor Local Pay Reports provide a unique monthly view into the country’s wage picture with salary estimates for nearly 85 job titles and year-over-year pay growth trends in the United States.

Here are 10 jobs with the fastest pay growth:

Medical Technologist
% Wage Growth YoY: 6.2%
Median Base Pay: $55,670
Number of Open Jobs: 22,792

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Restaurant Cook
% Wage Growth YoY: 4.8%
Median Base Pay: $28,563
Number of Open Jobs: 8,197

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% Wage Growth YoY: 4.8%
Median Base Pay: $48,900
Number of Open Jobs: 3,424

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Warehouse Associate
% Wage Growth YoY: 4.1%
Median Base Pay: $42,361
Number of Open Jobs: 47,713

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Design Engineer
% Wage Growth YoY: 4.0%
Median Base Pay: $72,514
Number of Open Jobs: 129,686

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Emergency Medical Technician
% Wage Growth YoY: 3.8%
Median Base Pay: $35,259
Number of Open Jobs: 11,517

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% Wage Growth YoY: 3.6%
Median Base Pay: $27,692
Number of Open Jobs: 87,659

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Bank Teller
% Wage Growth YoY: 3.5%
Median Base Pay: $28,792
Number of Open Jobs: 19,552

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Technical Support
% Wage Growth YoY: 3.5%
Median Base Pay: $45,526
Number of Open Jobs: 156,766

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Truck Driver
% Wage Growth YoY: 3.4%
Median Base Pay: $53,043
Number of Open Jobs: 25,111

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A trend to note, jobseekers, is that the health care industry remains strong with many positions seeing pay increases. Medical technologist saw the biggest median base pay increase overall, up 6.2 percent to $55,670, while emergency medical technician also saw big gains (up 3.8 percent to $35,259). Other health care positions, including certified nursing assistant (up 2.1 percent to $28,719); licensed practical nurse (up 2.0 percent to $41,676); pharmacist (up 2.0 percent to $128,215); and pharmacy technician (up 2.0 percent to $30,329), all bucked the U.S. trend with pay growth at 2.0 percent or above. 

“While many positions are seeing stark declines in wages, health care jobs continue to record positive pay growth,” says Glassdoor’s chief economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain. “Given the ongoing health care debate in Washington, we anticipate this trend to continue well into the new year.”


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