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The Top 10 Jobs With the Fastest-Growing Paychecks

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When evaluating salaries, you may find yourself drawn towards whichever number is the highest. And while this is important, it’s also worth keeping in mind that base salary is just one factor to consider. Just as critical is earnings potential, or whether or not you can expect your pay to increase. After all, when you put in a few years at the same position, you deserve to be rewarded for your experience.

When it comes to salary growth, however, not all jobs are created equal. Based on the data from our January Local Pay Report, these are 10 positions with the fastest-growing paychecks. Learn more about them and apply below!

1. Physical Therapist

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 9.7%

Median Salary: $77,198

Physical Therapist has the distinction of not only having the fastest-growing paycheck, but also being one of the top 50 Best Jobs in America. With a job score of 4.0 out of 5, a job satisfaction score of 3.5 out of 5 and more than 24,000 open jobs available, it’s no wonder people are flocking to this profession.

2. Store Manager

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 8.9%

Median Salary: $50,015

Looking for a dynamic job that will allow you to both work the sales floor and make important business decisions? Look no further than a Store Manager position. Whether you’ve got a penchant for clothing, tech gadgets or food, you’re bound to find a Store Manager job within your field of interest.

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3. Restaurant Cook

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 8.6%

Median Salary: $30,029

Do you dream of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child? Then there’s no better first step than working as a Restaurant Cook. Although it entails plenty of hard work, you’ll enjoy a fast-paced work environment, high degree of creativity and, of course, plenty of good food.

4. Attorney

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 8.1%

Median Salary: $102,291

If you’re an alum of your high school’s debate team, love Law and Order or could just win a gold medal in arguing, being an Attorney might be the right choice for you. Before you can add “Esquire” to your resume you’ll need an advanced degree, but the salary and career mobility often make it well worth the investment.

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5. Recruiter

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 7.8%

Median Salary: $52,899

As the salespeople of the HR world, recruiters get to schmooze with potential hires for a living — perfect for social butterflies (although not a requirement!). At number 17 on our list of the top 50 Best Jobs in America, Recruiters have an overall job score of 4.3 out of 5, a job satisfaction score of 4.2 out of 5, and nearly 3,000 open U.S. jobs to choose from.

6. Insurance Agent

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 7.4%

Median Salary: $44,896

As the Geico Gecko or Progressive’s Flo can tell you, the Insurance Agent life is a good one. Beyond a rapidly growing salary, you’ll engage in meaningful work, build lasting relationships with clients and gain a whole lot of knowledge along the way.

7. Truck Driver

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 7.3%

Median Salary: $54,007

Who knew that being behind the wheel of a big rig offered so much opportunity? Heading out on the open road as a Truck Driver provides a solid salary with room for growth and the chance to explore the country from East Coast to West and everywhere in between. If you’re a rambling man (or woman) that loves to put the pedal to the metal, check out the positions available.

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8. Web Designer

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.4%

Median Salary: $52,103

Web Designer is one of those rare positions that brings you the best of both worlds: science and art, left-brain logic and right-brain creativity. This hot job is in high demand, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that Web Designer employment will grow a whopping 27 percent between 2014 and 2024 — a much faster clip than the nationwide average.

9. Retail Key Holder

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.2%

Median Salary: $29,981

Responsible for opening and closing stores, assisting customers and often managing their coworkers, Retail Key Holder is a natural step for retail workers looking to move up the ladder. In addition to a solid salary with growth potential, Retail Key Holders get to hone their leadership and management chops (and score a sweet employee discount).

10. Java Developer

Year-over-Year Salary Growth: 6.0%

Median Salary: $78,448

No, this is not a job for aspiring baristas — Java Developers are responsible for designing, creating and maintaining software using the Java coding language. As with most software engineering positions, the number of available Java Developer jobs is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, so make sure to get in on the ground floor now.

Available Physical Therapist Jobs

Physical Therapist
Athena Home Health & Hospice
New Haven, CT
4 days ago 4d
Physical Therapist
Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy
Sammamish, WA
4 days ago 4d
Physical Therapist
Cornerstone Rehab
Inez, KY
5 days ago 5d
Physical Therapist
Wendell Foster
Newburgh, IN
2 day ago 2d
Physical Therapist
Utopia Home Care, Inc.
Meriden, CT
3 days ago 3d
Physical Therapist Assistant
Pro Rehab
Bismarck, ND
5 days ago 5d
Physical Therapist
Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS)
Boise, ID
4 days ago 4d
Physical Therapist
Jefferson Orthopedic Clinic
Marrero, LA
5 days ago 5d
Physical Therapist
Family Enrichment Network, Inc.
Johnson City, NY
5 days ago 5d
Physical Therapist Float
Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (STARS)
Meridian, ID
4 days ago 4d

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