How To Figure Out ‘What Happens Next’ During A Job Interview

Most of us have walked out of interviews wondering, “what happens next?” We like the company, the position sounds exciting and it appears to be a positive next step in our career. We asked the interviewer “what is the next step?” but the “we will be in touch” response just doesn’t feel right. So what can we do to keep the ball rolling?

Outline your next interview with the goal of ending the interview with a list of agreed upon “things to do.” This process requires you taking control of the interview – some of you may not like your perceived aggressiveness while others (those who count) will appreciate your forthrightness.

Example outline for your next interview:

  • Plan to interact: Answer the questions about your background, but feel free to ask questions about the position, what the company needs to achieve and when. Then, if you have the appropriate background apply and align your experience with the needs of the company.
  • Be clear about follow up research: Tell the interviewer you will conduct additional research on the company, the market and competitors asking permission to connect and discuss your findings. Thanks to the Internet, studying the market today is fast and comprehensive. Of course you completed initial research before the interview, but this now lets the interviewer know you are interested in the opportunity and will do more to make sure this is a good fit on either end. A good tip is to send the interviewer data of value you discover within 24 hours, displaying your ability and level of interest.
  • Offer to start on trial period. See if they will be willing to take you on as a consultant for a week to prove yourself. If nothing else the interviewer should appreciate your aggressiveness and willingness to work…and why not! Companies may need help pulling the trigger to hire and your attitude and approach may very well help finalize the decision

No matter the level or function of the opportunity, taking on these steps will help in giving you a better idea as to how the interview process is progressing. And, best of all pursuing these actions will impress and assist in landing the job.